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  1. So, B1 Beta is out. It's limited, feels slightly clunky to control, balancing is clearly needed and the game feels rather slow. Maybe due to the fact the map we got was so huge. Once the full game is out, with more maps and a few gameplay tweaks and balances, I see a decent game. Not game of the year quality, but something that would be worth paying for.

    1. Child Of Darkness

      Child Of Darkness

      *EDIT NOTE*

      BF1 Beta

    2. Starbright Sparkle

      Starbright Sparkle

      Well it is still in beta nothing is perfict in a beta but we shall see and not have a mess up like they did with bf4 when it first came out im already going to order mine soon.

  2. Child Of Darkness

    Ponyart by SaraEH

    So much time on one image. 100% worth it though. That image quality is something I'd have payed money for. And I don't spend money freely
  3. Child Of Darkness

    Ponyart by SaraEH

    @@SaraEH, Each fur is a single hand stoak? Damn, that's amazingly impressive. Seriously well done on this piece. Came out so well.
  4. Child Of Darkness

    Ponyart by SaraEH

    Sara this is so adorable and very well drawn, the detail on the background, the fur and just everything in general is amazing. You really are absolutely fantastic at drawing ^^
  5. Really starting to get back into livestreaming. I forgot how fun it was, I honestly did miss it.

    1. Requiem


      No! I'm child of darkness! You're a sneaky heretic that steal my rank!

    2. Child Of Darkness

      Child Of Darkness

      I claimed this title for my own many years ago. Fight me for it m8.


    3. Requiem


      No, I cant fight. But...

      Night Princess will curse you, dooming to mental destroying! I will pray for this!


  6. Child Of Darkness

    Private Fantasy RP

    Shana could feel the dark aura in the air. Only a few of them and she wasn't sure on the distance. Though if her body senses cannot detect the, they may be a bit of a distance away. It didn't matter though, this was dangerous. She gripped her sword hilt and left the rest in its sheath. Ready to draw on anything that came into sight, and was hostile. Aside from this change, she remained following the group quietly until something happend.
  7. White and Wade were having one of their training sessions in the Everfree forest. A basic game of hunt, when both are the prey and the predator with the goal of seeing which one could incapacitate the other first. After Six hours non of them had made much impact on the other, White being an expert on survival and Wade being a highly trained royal operative. While sneaking through some overgrowth, Wade's attention was taken by small voices he could hear not too far away from him. All the brush and background noise made it difficult for his sight to make an image in his head of numbers or body s
  8. You know what, alright. I'll bite. I can throw an OC your way. https://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/wade-r4238 Who else would I RP with but this beautiful man?
  9. Aye. Rule one of RPing with Ethan: When something goes wrong. Blame Ethan.
  10. @@Ethan Sawyer, Wasn't that kinda the point we left it at?
  11. I never really had a big role, but I wouldn't be opposed to this going on again. I might actually try and become more active
  12. Child Of Darkness

    Ponyart by SaraEH

    Your art just keeps on getting better and better Sara.
  13. Child Of Darkness

    Ponyart by SaraEH

    Really? I did not know that. Learn something new everyday
  14. Child Of Darkness

    Ponyart by SaraEH

    Is that Pawflake ice skating? That's kind of cute. Nice WIP.
  15. Child Of Darkness

    Private Fantasy RP

    @@Drago Ryder, "Hmm, I'd need to have a look to be sure. Though the process is very invasive and dangerous. I don't think you would have the levels of trust required for me to preform a memory scan. The fact you can use magic is actually not much of a surprise. Most non human creautres have a natural atunement to the arcane. Depending on how advance the levels of magic you can use are, then it would be interesting. But more to the topic at hand." @@Jellal Fernandes, "I sort of trust you, but I'd still like to know where we are going? I didn't know of anything down this way last tim
  16. And for you own personal inactivity, I apologise. It was the final week of College so I wanted to focus.
  17. @, I'll make a note of that
  18. Right then, now I know what I'm getting into, I can sign up. I have two OC's I'd like to throw in, Main: https://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/wade-r4238 Alt: https://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/white-sovereign-r9463 I can alter some things on their story or gear to fit what you want.
  19. Alright, I'm slightly interested in this since I just came into some free time. But the thing is I don't want to join an RP when I don't even know what it would be about. While a story can be at least some surprise, the themes of the RP should at least be known so we know what type of RP it will be. Is it SoL? Horror? Comedy? Romance? Something else? If you could explain this, I might sign up. Also Koneko > Rias
  20. This past month or so has been a really confusing time for me and it continues to be confusing. Fighting through a depression continues to prove to be a learning experience, I don't think I've said this yet, but I do appreciate the few people here who have tried to help out. (You know who you are). You guys are the real MVP's.

  21. Child Of Darkness

    Ponyart by SaraEH

    Almost as adorable as you are Sara ^-^ It's pretty good.
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