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OOC The Case of the Grimdark Devil [OOC]

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Hello grimdark fans!


The game has begun but due to an unfortunate circumstance, I am looking for one more player.


I'm looking for a few players to join me in a very dark game. Now, to keep with the family friendly theme of this site, I will not do or allow graphic postings such as details of a mutilated corpse etc. It's just not very nice and some people might not like that!


Anyway, this is going to be a closed game so only a handful of you are going to be allowed in. But here's the fun part: You're allowed to bring in a maximum of three characters each.​ The clincher is that we do need specific characters for the plot to work:

  • Detective - PinkieDaShy
  • Investigator(s) - Skullbusta Rhymes
  • Inn Keepers - RhythmHooves and Shankveld
  • Townspeople (obviously!)
  • Chief/Editor of local paper -
  • Journalist - SkySong (NPC)
  • Constable -
All undecided jobs will remain open to the six chosen players.


Mind you, this game does not take place in Ponyville, Canterlot, Cloudsdale etc. In fact, this plot takes place in 1890 in a small town called Horseshoe Lake located beside a lake in a similar shape to a horseshoe; the town itself is centered inside. It's a fairly conventional town save for the the fairly unconventional crime rate.




Modus Operandi (better known as simply Modus or M.O) is a fictional story writer who found his way to Horseshoe one year after a rather unfortunate time where he could barely write a paragraph before shredding the paper to pieces. Frustrated, he decided on a change of scenery and, well... the rest is history.


Unfortunately, the town suffers from various degrees of crime since it is very far from the shadow of Canterlot and Princess Celestia's rule. But this time, things are going a little too far...


Ponies are winding up dead. Passer-by's and townsfolk alike. The deaths are not accidents, unless the ponies are suddenly deciding they don't want their internal organs anymore. The blame is falling to a pony knows as the Grimdark Devil. He is a gray pony with a green mane and tail, normally tangled and full of twigs and junk. Born an earth pony, he has killed and stolen the wings and horn from two ponies of the same shade as him to make him appear like an alicorn. The pegasus he murdered for the wings he has was only a filly.


Well, M.O has found this town to be the perfect inspiration for his upcoming novel. Unfortunately, he finds himself in the middle of a murder case he must either help solve or die.


In a town where everyone is a victim, I will be accepting six players


Posting order is as follows:



1. SkySong - Modus Operandi (resident), Grimdark Devil (murderer), Sage (resident)

2. PinkieDaShy - Thunder Shock (detective)

3. Skullbusta Rhymes - Colt Revo (investigator)

4. Shankveld - Lovely (innkeeper) Revolver (townsfolk)

5. RhythmHooves - Inn Steed (innkeeper)



Just post your characters, which position you're pining for and any other character you feel you want to add in! Remember, you can control three characters at a time. Any characters you don't want, I will take control of as NPC's.



EDIT: Feel free to suggest anything for the plot! I know mine isn't perfect and it's not set in stone, either!

Edited by SkySong
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Got a character in mind? :D


I didnt know i had to make one (silly me) Ill have to do it tommorow though. its 3:33am and my brain dun work
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If you need more characters I have a plethora I can use :)


You're allowed up to three C: So if you want to add more later or now, feel free!


I'd like to be the innkeeper! I'm working on a bio for him that i'll link in a few


Sure! :D You and Shank can both be innkeepers CX


this sounds interesting id like to join


but dont worry about super gory stuff, you should see some of the stuff that happens in my super hero RP XD


Sure thing! :D Just tell me which character you would like to add and I'll put it in the first post

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this sounds interesting id like to join


but dont worry about super gory stuff, you should see some of the stuff that happens in my super hero RP XD


We're not that bad! Kind of! Sometimes! Ish!

it's all Krein's SH stuff that's creepy >.>

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I have made you and RhythmHooves innkeepers! Whether you share the inn or have separate ones is up to you two C:


Oh... crud. Anyway we can both be innkeepers?


Let's be rival innkeepers ;D ~

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