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Blaze went over to Spellbind and Rose, and then asked Pat if he wanted to share leadership. 


"Well, I guess I already was. That is, I guess I'll take charge of my group, as long as nopony else is jumping at the bit to."


He said, well knowing that that was not the case. Then Serenity approached him and River, to join his group.


"Um..hello. I guess with the others making a group, that means I'm with you two."


He said.


'Well that's reassuring'


Pat thought, even though, he knew he probably didn't mean to sound like that. They made sure they were ready to set off again, whilst Serenity did as well, and then stated that he was ready to go. River checked Pat's packs, as he was carrying the most stuff, to make sure nothing was going to fall off. Then Pat turned to Blaze's group for the last time.


"We'll meet up again in a while."


He said, then they turned and started down one path. Before they got far, Pat felt he ought to say something to get a conversation started sooner than later, before it got awkward.


"Hello, I'm Pat! I think we met at the train station."


He said sarcasticly, attempting to be somewhat humorous, referring to the fact that they had not shared a word since then. Not that it was anypony's fault in particular.

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Serenity quickly lost sight of the other group as they set off down the trail. He didn't know how long the trail was, or how many obstacles there might be, so he tried to be ready. He was nearly lost in thought when Pat spoke.


"Hello, I'm Pat! I think we met at the train station." It was good that they were starting a conversation, because then they didn't have to walk in awkward silence.


"Hi! I did meet you two there, but I don't think we've ever talked to each other." He found himself struggling to find words to say. ​"So..how are you guys? Since I haven't really had the chance to talk to either of you I guess while we walk would be good wouldn't it?" He sometimes talked and talked and talked, and just didn't know when to shut up. He had just stated the obvious, and felt bad for it. He sighed in disappointment for himself before continuing. As they kept walking, he waited for a response and looked at the surroundings quickly. This seemed to be a denser part of the forest, and he couldn't see very far on either side. Above them was a thick canopy that let little light through. The feeling of dread was gone as soon as it came.


Nothing bad will happen. Come on. He turned his attention back to Pat and River, hoping they weren't disliking him for his awkwardness. A bit of that showed on his face.

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Pat was a little bit disappointed. He had hoped he'd get a better response out of Serenity.


'Hmm, he doesn't seem very talkative either'


He thought, then responded,


"Yeah um, we're doing alright... Right River?"


He quickly asked River, who simply nodded her head. She hardly wanted to add to the awkwardness of the situation. Pat sighed. He then contemplated what to say next. Hopefully, he could get an actual conversation going. 


"So, is tinkering with stuff like your special talent?"


It sure wasn't the best question, and Pat was practically kicking himself because it seemed like a stupid question at this point, but it was all he could come up with quickly. Unfortunately it seemed that his intent on trying to keep the situation from becoming awkward was backfiring. He looked slightly towards River, who walked by his side opposite of Serenity, and gave her a look that Serenity couldn't see, which communicated his thoughts to her. She understood and giggled to herself, then gave Pat a sympathetic look, who just turned his gaze straight down the path they were walking, and pretended to feel comfortable. 

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Destiny was at a loss for words. When Dax had approached her, not ONCE did she expect him to actually speak up. She could do nothing but give him a smile. 


"Thank you, Dax." Destiny said, as she continued to walk forward, directly into a dragon which she had mistaken for Unger's snoring. She looked up to the beast. Destiny quickly ran back to Dax and started trying to push him away.


"Gogogogogogogogogogo!" Destiny shouted as she tried to push Dax away. She really didn't feel like ending up as a snack for a dragon, or being the cause of two deaths on her team. She dragged Dax outside of the cave, she could hear the dragon following behind, it was definitely angry. She ran into who she was actually rather happy to see, she hid behind Unger who just happened to be walking by.


"H-h-h...help....d-d-d...." The combination of Destiny being out of breath, and her shaky voice made her almost completely impossible to understand. She made sure Dax with with her, she wasn't planning on leaving him behind. 


"DRAGON." Destiny managed to utter through her shaky speech, she didn't need any clarification however, seeing as the dragon emerged from it's cave. ready to fight if necessary.  

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Dax's eyes went wider and wider as he saw what lumbered forth from the cave.  His most crippling fear... A DRAGON.


"... a... a d-d-d... a d-d-d..."


He let out a tiny, tinny squeak and then scrambled for cover.  It didn't matter where, just as long as he was away from the d-... the d-d-d... well, YOU know.  He bolted from the cave, running slap into Unger's legs.  The velocity was so great, there was almost a hollow coconut sound as his head impacted with the solid muscle of the ogre's leg.


"Ducks?  Destiny?  What are you doing here?  Aren't you trying to get to..."


His line of sight wavered up towards the cave, and he saw the irate cavern owner standing outside, smoke coiling from its nostrils.


"Oh, I see.  Give me a moment, and I'll see what's going on here."


Unger waddled his way over to the dragon.  He stood directly in front of him and put on his biggest smile.


"Now, what's this all about?  What happened to make you-"


Apparently not in the mood for conversation, the dragon let out an angry roar and, without warning, blew a jet of flame from its mouth, covering Unger's head in fire.  When the flames stopped, however, Unger was still standing there... but his face was covered with soot.  His little piggy eyes opened, and his friendly smile changed to a wicked toothy grin.


"... BAD dragon."


The ogre pulled a meaty fist back, then slung it forward effortlessly.  The punch struck the dragon square in the face, and he flew backwards into the cave from whence he had come.  There was a dull THUD as the dragon struck a wall (presumably), then a single whimper echoed back.


Unger nodded.  Wiping his face with his sleeve, he wandered back over to Destiny and Dax.


"Okay, then... now, what's wrong?"

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