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If you were omnipotent what would you do?

Lil Pip

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unlimited power with my limited knowledge...

hmm, well we'd all be ponies obviously.

could bring back certain naughty users who had posted in this thread after firmly thwocking their snout :P (thought JJ had returned for a sec there)

oh, and I'd finally finish my fic.

I might also edit the thread to include omniscient in the title.

if I was feeling political, I might take all the shallow populist types like Trump and Putin, take them back to preschool and teach them to be fair and reasonable and not narcissists. Then with those distractions gone, encourage all the power-hungry sorts to power away as reasonably as possible - they're allowed like one or two silly things like a pyramid or a war, but mainly they have to work on making sure we all have the best sort of countries for as long as possible :3

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The concept of omnipotence is logically inconsistent. For example, if I'm omnipotent, can I create a stone that I can't lift? Both answers lead to the conclusion that I'm not actually omnipotent.

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