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Do you love pie? I love pie. Also, I like cookies. With milk. Do you like cookies? With milk?


I like pie. Pie is great. Cookies are great. Milk Sucks.


According to the story "Feedback", your name is Ziggy Stardust. (LINK: http://www.equestria...y-feedback.html)

How do you feel?


I checked this list a while back, and it had his name listed as Ice, apparently a toy was released of him, so... I'm going to change my name now.


When and how did you join the fandom?


I found pony videos on youtube a couple months back.

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What were you to do if I threw a thread like this myself?

And since you seem to have a taste on fics similar to mine, what is the WORST. POSSIBLE. FIC. You have read, in the shocking manner?

Lastly. Would you like some cupcakes? They are to die for.

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4 hours ago, ponnyye said:

Wait i should change my username why was i tagged hah

OC's name is another one but


Pinkie has confused you yes.

Pinkie has trapped you in her wily ways yes.:griiin:

Give pinkie her reactor now.

( @ponnyye you dont need to change your user. This is a prank. A silly one.)

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