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Cover art for my story


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Hello everyone, I'm looking for some cover art for my story on FIMfiction, all credit will be given and I can't pay for it, but here's what I'm looking for.


So in the center I want a distressed EQG Twilight, facing the readers, apparel wise try to make it medieval, no royalty on her, but more so a cloak if possible, with her cutiemark being the clip around the neck area.


On the left I want white masked (I guess think like persona 5 masks but on) shadows with Rainbow Dash's, Applejack's, Rarity's and Pinkipie's cutiemark on their foreheads. I want a line drawn from the top left corner to the middle (where Twilight's head should be).

On the right I want a bunch of cloaked figures, with hoods on except for one, the one will just be a shadow with Fluttershy's cutiemark on its forehead. Another line but this time the top right corner to the middle.


Now at the top I want pure darkness except for King Sombra's eyes staring down at the Twilight, the masked figures and the cloaked figures.


Keep in mind they are all EQG shadows but try to make them more medieval and just base shadows, no outlines of the characters, the only colored character should be Twilight. If you want to change it up slightly go ahead but try to stick to the description, thank you, and if there are any further questions feel free to ask.

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