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When have you ever Poni-fide something?


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Have you ever seen something IRL or online and thought to yourself

"Wow I could really make that into an MLP reference"

Well here you can post the times you have.

To clear things up it's essentially chsnging/vandalizing something to make it into an MLP reference.

Example: you see the word bab on a piece of paper and edit to say Babseed(I did that).

It could range from changing text to a pony related thats' what she said joke.

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Honestly? No, and I don't intend to. I'm not going to knock anyone for doing it, but I think it's just been done to death by now. :pout: Like I said; I don't have a problem with you at all if you do it, but I'm not going to join that bandwagon.

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I think the first thing I ever ponified was Joseph Stalin :lol:

Disclaimer: The red is a lot of exposition on the story. It's not absolutely needed but I suggest reading through if you want further context or whatever.

I also had a school project where we read these two books. One was about a girl in the League of German Girls, the female equivalent of the Hitler Youth, and her parents were hiding Jews behind her bedroom wall so she had to deal with the issue of being loyal to the fatherland or her parents. One of the characters was a slightly older neighbor boy who I think had moved on to the SS, and she had a crush on him until he suspected them and search through her house unsuccessfully and only managing to trash the place. Didn't apologize either. The other book was about a Jewish girl who didn't understand the hardships her grandparents had gone through in the holocaust, in part because they never talked about it, and during a holiday, I can't remember if it's Hannukah or a different holiday, I'm not well read in their traditions. Anyways, she's selected to open the door before eating a meal they put together because there's a spirit they're supposed to invite in. At that moment she's teleported to her Great Grandparent's home in Europe right before the Nazis got serious on their extermination efforts, by which I don't mean they weren't serious before, the message has switched from get out of the country to straight up die. She attempts to warn her family about the oncoming deaths of 6 million Jews, they don't beleive her or the fact that there's even that many Jews in existence. Shortly after they're rounded up and sent to a death camp, she's separated from the adults and learns to survive along with some other girls. The girls aren't considered useful for labor tasks but the guards are too lazy to go looking for them so if they hide in this mountain of garbage they'll be safe. I think a new guy takes over the operation and isn't happy that there are children running about so he demands that like 3 of them be gassed then and there. One of the girls escapes the grasp of a guard and the main character steps forward to take her place, thus learning the true meaning of sacrifice and such. I don't mean to downplay it, I'm just summarizing. She's led through the doors into the death chamber upon which she's teleported back to where she was standing before with her family waiting to see if the spirit will join them, and she has a new perspective and appreciation for her grandparents.

The project was to draw a comic of that girl and the SS guy from the other book, showing what would happen if they met. Not the best project since there was no attempt to make him a redeemable character. Obviously he would arrest her and have her sent to a camp, Plain and simple. I chose to draw them as ponies in the comic because I felt it would be easier than drawing people and I wanted to try my hand with a WW2 theme because I wanted to write and illustrate a version of the war but in Equestria. I never did get around to doing that, but the project turned out pretty good I think. I should look to see if I still have it since I should.

Otherwise, the main thing I've ponified I guess is the whole German Empire prior to WW1. I haven't done very much picture wise, I mostly focused on looking up technology that could be produced in that era and the history aspect. It was for a role play that's since discontinued but I'm still working on it.

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