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How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I saw one film on YouTube about MLP and fandom.

I'm Michał (in English it will be Michael, I don't know what to write). I'm from Poland.
Four months ago, I saw film about MLP and fandom on YouTube. I thought I could watch that.  I liked it very much.
Sorry for my English, but I can't do it very well.
I'm here because more content is in English language and I can practice my English.
As if someone (or somepony :) )wants to write or something this is my Discord id -> Hajsy#5146
I need more practice...

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Another Rarity fan, eh? :grin: You clearly have amazing taste, my dude~!

Anyways, welcome to the MLP Forums! It's great to have you here! Oh, and no need to apologize for your English; my Swedish is pretty bad so far, but the only way to learn is to use it a bit! :please:

Either way, have a great time here, my friend! I'm looking forward to seeing you around! :fluttershy:

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Hello and welcome! :grin: So you're a Rarity fan? I bet @Recherche would become instantly your friend. :proud: And don't worry about the English, there are some others here that aren't native English speakers like you and me. I'm Chinese, and with some practice I've gotten my English down as well. I'm sure you'll be able to as well! You seem to already know a lot English and you're pretty good at it too! :rarity: Enjoy your stay and have fun! :D

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Cześć Michał! :yay: (Yes, I'm also from Poland, yay! ^_^ )

I hope you'll have fun here! Also no worries about your English, it will be getting only better with time. ;) 

Welcome to the herd! :) 

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And I’m from English, er, American :orly: . Welcome and beware of excessive boopers :wacko: . Many other Polish users here; it’s quite diverse, mainly from the size of the forums :o 

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