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Top five fave celebs?


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Just curious mostly. I have quite a few, but I'll try to sum them up into five. XD

  1. Matthew Gray Gubler
  2. Joe Kelly
  3. Jensen Ackles
  4. Michael Clifford
  5. David Tennant

Like, I have a ton of them but... a few are from my favorite baseball team. >< I tried to give a good variety as well. ;w; None of these people are in order by best and such. I just did that because they popped into my head first.

So, what are your top five favorite celebs? :O You can include musicians and sports players too. I just added the Movies/TV tag because it's more common for celebs (and because it wouldn't let me post the topic without selecting something)

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Harold Lloyd,

George Lucas,

Walt Disney,

Carrie Fisher,

Dakota Fanning.

This is not easy, keeping it to just five. I limited some behind the scenes personalities, except for the really well-known ones. I chose Harold Lloyd as my favorite actor/comedian, Dakota Fanning as an amazing actress, and Carrie Fisher as my favorite everything

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In no order..

  • Johnny depp
  • Tim burton
  • Ian Mckellen
  • Jame Macovey
  • Scarlett Johansson
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