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Rainbow [Orchestral Cover]

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Here's what I've done so far to this orchestral cover. The version uploaded is actually older than the one I'm working on. I'm still adding drums and more instruments to the mix, but it's taking a long time.


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In all honesty, while the rhythm is good, in this form, to me the song unfortunately feels very monotonous. While your foundation is solid, because the song depends so much on the flute, it also requires a great deal more embellishment and detail in its sounds. In a lot of places, the notes of identical pitch actually blend together. I would recommend adding variations in the timing and duration of the notes, followed by embellishments in actual notes. In my experience, in any given instrumental piece, because one lacks words, with their own intonations and sub-rhythms, instruments have to be that much more expressive to carry the same level of impact.

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It needs a lot of work. 

Like @Quinch said, it's very monotonous. What you need to do is to assign instruments to the corresponding verses. Perhaps start with a piccolo and then move to the flute. Bring in the strings for the chorus and then add the nice brass for the bridge. You can then play the final chorus with all the instruments of the orchestra. Just be sure you don't have every instrument play the melody. Your percussion needs a ton of work. You need some timpani and perhaps a gong strike at certain parts of the song, like the lead in straight to the chorus. 

All in all, this piece could use a total redo. This is because you need to work on how you utilize your instruments. I can coach you on orchestral arranging. Don't be discouraged by what I said in my critique, for no ones perfect, but we can strive to be the best we can. 

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