Mane 6 Pony Game (+Your OC!)

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Have you ever wanted your OC in a game? Well, I'm making a RPG maker game that needs background ponies. The OCs will be in towns I made up and will have dialogue, sprites, etc. The sprites of the OCs will be made by me, and the story plot will also be made be me. You will play the Mane 6 as they journey around a new world, going through the OC towns and communities. Naturally, I'll need a ton of OCs. You will be credited for your character and the game will be entirely free. Game updates and the finished project will be posted here. Please keep in mind this is my first game.

If you want your OC in the game, you'll have to reply to this with the following:

1. A reference picture or detailed description of the character

2. A good bio of the character

3. The name you'd like me to use in the credits


Please submit your characters! Thank you for reading!

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Just now, HugTheCat said:

@Califorum Nope! As long as it fits in the MLP universe, it's accepted!

Yeah well mine don't, sorry then. Good luck with this, though.

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I make pony sprites, too!  Can mine be included in the game if I submit them?  :mlp_icwudt:

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