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This is a bit different. No, BronyCon is not a partner of MLPF so it isn't in the con section. That said, it is the last year of the largest Brony fan convention so to say it isn't a big deal would be a lie. It is. This forum serves two purposes. A planning hub for people looking for info, news, and help regarding attending. People looking for rooms or advising that they have space available have their own sub-forum too. Meet ups can be coordinated as needed. The second reason for this place existing is that we are planning some interesting Event Team based surprises for the attendees, as well as those who can't attend. There will actually be some interactivity between some interested attendees and the guys stuck at work and home that might uniquely connect all of us together. 


So we figured that we would create a temporary forum to house all BronyCon discussion and Events related to this final shindig. Enjoy

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