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  1. don't fear the raper. I have almost died a few times so i really don't fear the end (I going to live forever because i am OP alicorn) but i fear haveing my love ones being sad at my passing and haveing to deal with be be gone. I see my self as a warrior so live and death are always close at hand. I tell everyone i love when i die burn my body so i can't come back as zombie and i will always watch over you.
  2. i feel the same way. also i watched this with my mom who does not watch MLP(she watch it with me becuase she liked it now). the AJ and RD thing really i was like "when that happen" but it seem right like they should be together. Really i feel at peace with the end, it just feels right. I am not good with writeing but the way the show ended was like water sheld momnet. that song "my tiatin shot me down(cover of my baby shot me down)" sum up how i feel about MLP ending.
  3. swordsman

    Animation Adult cartoons.

    they were not flawed early on in the show and they made them flawed to fit what they wanted. If you'r talking about pink being steven mom that was very clear early on if you asked qustions. I could make a book about all the things worng with that show (watch some of the you tube videos about why people don't like that show). Really what made me dislike that show was the pink. She was a child, acted like a child and did things like a child but she not to blame for anything she cause. Everything that happen to steven was because his mom lied and made steven to clean up her mess. even white say
  4. swordsman

    Ask the Legion of Doom

    For every villian. I see the way you act with each other. Do you see yourselfs and the family you are missing? also Queen Chrysalis did you really make all those chanlings?
  5. Special Agent Marco Hernandez was leaving for the day when his boss called him to the executive meeting office. When he walked into large room two things are very clear, there is a seven foot tall white alicorn sitting next to Deputy Chief of Staff of the homeland security which is very bad and the chief looked not happy. His boss points to a chair and he takes a seat. “Special Agent Marco Hernandez you have hosted ponies from the Inter-species Cultural Exchange program before and from all reports you’re a good host. Well her majesty Princess Celestia has picked you as her host for her vac
  6. swordsman

    Animation Adult cartoons.

    to me what it comes down to is money. there has been great cartoons like last Last Airbender but look at that and what they have made so far. look at steven universe great show to start out and then look at it now. Most cartoons that are not for kids have to be woke or about what going on it the world to sell becuase that with the people with money want to see but it's not what we want to see. I love final space but i know there going to mess it up because it's a great show and it's on adult swim the place shows go to die(i am so old i rmeber when AS had both anime and comdy on the same ni
  7. really to me it look like twlight and the others wanted them to learn so they let it happen. There is so many other ponies/non-ponies they could have asked before they gave up. I mean did you ask discord. also why did the kids with that pet think just because the CMC were big they know what they are talking about? they go there with no problem and the CNC were lost.
  8. Another gun luving pony?  :ticking:

    Have a follow, new friend!

    1. swordsman


      thank you and yeah i been with gun from when shooting USA used to be on ESPN on the weekends.

  9. a john deer hat? i going to ride that to the old town road
  10. PTR-91 DMR paid 800$ for it and Sig P220 45acp paid 450$ (they way thing look for 2020 the battle rifle might go soon) i was at dollar tree and they have lots of MLP merchandise so 30$ worth of MLP stuff. I went i see MLP stuff at $ tree i buy it (it's only a $ right) yes i don't know how to use emoji right
  11. I live in FL so stroms means power going out, also no pony has asked what to you do when the power is off 5 days. if it's a few hours just read or play my walkman (yes i am 30 years old) really it's no big deal if it's a few hours but when it's days that when it get's real. also i have years worth of gun&ammo mazines to read(they sell them by the box for 2$)
  12. swordsman

    Ask the Legion of Doom

    Queen Chrysalis . i come from a place call earth(i know it sounds like dirt) and i have asked this of every thing here. If i was too jump and your back and try to ride you how mad would you get and what would you do? I did ride bug bear once and we don't ask why in was in ponyville so mad
  13. I love guns. not a fan of most cops (love the state trooper and fish and game) I can be mean but i am not mean(just ask all my animal frineds) don't get along with most people. Oh, yeah i wish monster hunting was real so i could do it.
  14. well it's how it is. I eat the meat and when i die i become the food for the stuff then eat. I can see how we do our food but i also hunt/fish so. really if it was up to me there would be more hunting of our food so you know how you food is made.
  15. warrant officer lion. yes my 1st name is lion and no i do not know anyone name steven
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