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Spike's Heroism at Risk?


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Because of Cadance, Shining, and Spike, King Sombra was defeated back in season 3, and the Crystal ponies saw Spike a hero for finding the heart!

However, now that Sombra is coming back and the Mane 6 are gonna be the ones to defeat him, won't the Crystal ponies start seeing the Mane 6 has heroes then? How's Spike gonna feel after that then? He might be alright with it, but that's what I'm afraid of. He can be too accepting at times.

Who knows? Maybe the Mane 6 taking Spike's spotlight in the Crystal Empire might be good for his story arc? It depends really IF they go somewhere with it. But still, it's a bit nerve wrecking knowing there's a chance for the one place ponies look up to him would suddenly go away. As if his character wasn't cheated enough throughout the series.

Not saying it's certain to happen, just saying there's a chance, and we gotta prepare for it. If Sombra destroys Spike's statue, we'll know!

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Just now, VG_Addict said:

It's a bit different. Sombra was trying to enslave the Crystal Ponies in the S3 premiere. He's trying to take over all of Equestria in the S9 premiere. 

Yeah and that includes the Crystal Empire, bro! We seen it in the trailer.

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2 minutes ago, FlareGun45 said:

Yeah and that includes the Crystal Empire, bro! We seen it in the trailer.

I wouldn't worry about it. Spike has other heroic feats. He saved the Crystal Empire during the Equestria Games, he prevented Garble from becoming Dragon Lord, he defended Thorax, and he saved Zecora and Rarity from a Roc. 

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