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crossover In Search of a Missing Father


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I sat in my office, feet up and resting on my desk as I nursed a glass of whiskey in my magic aura, surveying my office. "I used to be the top detective, the best in Equestria. Aristocrats and Bureaucrats alike would all come to me to solve their mysteries. I had such a high intuition, I could solve such mysteries within a day or two." I grunted and snorted through my nostrils "That was until the events that took place two years ago."

Chapter One

Friday, January 21st, year of Celestia 1920

I was sitting at his desk, writing up the report of a rather peculiar case, when the letter slid under the crack ofmy office door. Without even getting up, I used his magic to lift the letter up and open it.

"Detective Nocturne, I am writing to ask you for your assistance. I cannot tell you via this letter, nor can I come to your office, please come to, 23 Link Avenue, Canterlot at your soonest available. I will tell you more when you are there.
Sincerely, A hopeful client"

I snorted a little after reading the letter "Canterlot? Perhaps another missing silver spoon case" I think to himself as I looked at my calendar, "All clear, guess with the slow intake, I could take a trip up there" I sigh "Should solve it within a day or so" I say to myself before downing the rest of my whiskey and getting up, stretching my back.

After packing my bag and shrugging into my coat and scarf, I put on my hat and walked out of my office, locking the door behind me. As I passed my boss's office, I slips my job card under the door, alerting my boss that I would be leaving Manehatten and didn't know when I would be back.

Exiting the building that housed the agency I worked for and entered into the driver's side of my black Cadillac and begun the drive to Canterlot.

The drive to Canterlot took nearly half the day, and then another three hours to get to the address mentioned in the letter. I had then parked just outside of the mansion that spanned across a couple hundred acres. Exiting my vehicle, I stretch my back once more and checking that my Colt New Service revolver was holstered, I would then walk through the large wrought iron gates that opened up to the path that lead towards the mansion.

Arriving at the large double doors, possibly made of dark oak wood, I lifted my hand and grasped the large iron knocker and knocked on the door, expecting to either be greeted by an elderly servant or for the doors to just creak open into dead darkness, as cliche as it was in my mind. What greeted me as the doors opened, how-ever, was not what I expected.

As the doors swung open, I was greeted by the well lit entrance hall, and standing there, was a sight to behold. Standing there, was none other than Diamond Cutter, the only daughter and heiress of the Mason family fortune and business. She was absolutely stunning. Long, slim legs that could go on for mile, a slim yet slender body with curves in all the right places, long flowing nut brown mane and tail with streaks of pink and purple, and her eyes, the bluest eyes I had ever gazed into, they were so clear, so pure, more so than the purest of diamonds in all of Equestria. I had to cast a subtle calming spell on myself to ground myself back in reality as I could have gazed into those blue pools that were her eyes for the rest of my life.

With a cough to clear my throat, I had begun to speak "Miss Cutter, I'm De.." I begun but she then, with her soft, tender voice, cut in "Detective Nocturne? Oh thank the stars, please do come in, I'll explain in a bit" she says, leading the way into the mansion, and I, a warm blooded stallion, followed without second thought.

We soon arrived at the even more well lit entertainment room, where a roaring fireplace was lit and there were plenty of book shelves and plush sofas and armchairs. Diamond soon gestured for me to sit, and not wanting to be rude, I sat in one of the offered armchairs. "Where do I begin?" she asks as she pours the two of us a glass of whiskey each, and whiskey being my drink of choice, I of course accepted. "You should perhaps start from the beginning, ma'am" I say in the most gentle tone I could muster.

Diamond nodded and sat down opposite me, sipping on her whiskey. "As you must know by now, I am Diamond Cutter, the only daughter and heiress to my father, Quartz Mason's fortune and business" she starts and closes her eyes, "As you well know, my family have been stone masons for decades, and we are the best in the business" she says, opening her eyes and looking right at me with those blue pupils of hers, "Father would often go away, to other cities and states for his work, and at the times he would stay for a bit longer as a break, he would always let me know" she says, sighing very softly. I wanted to reach out and hold her hand to comfort her, but I minded my place and waited for her to continue. "But this time, it was different, he had let me know he would go to some island off the coast of Baltimare, he didn't tell me why he was going there, only that he would be back in a month or two." she says and sips some more on her whiskey "That was four months ago, and he hasn't returned, nor has he sent me any letters telling me he was staying longer" she says, "I fear he may have run afoul of someone or something there, please Detective, my father isn't one to abandon me and his business, you must find him, I'll do anything for you." Diamond pleaded with me, playing at the strings of my heart and my better nature.

Chapter Two

My eyes had been lowered, doing my best to not gaze upon the beauty that was before me, but as Diamond had finished telling me of her predicament, I looked up, only for our eyes to meet and I felt her look of worry and her gentle, soft, tone, tug at the strings of my heart.

With a gulp of my whiskey and another subtle calming spell on myself, I pretend to be in thought, swirling the remnants of my whiskey in my glass before I look up once more, already having had made up my mind. "Alright miss Cutter, I will do this" I say to her, giving her my best confident smile "I will need to see your father's study and workplace how-ever, in case he left any clue as to where he had gone and why" I say to her, noticing she had finished her whiskey and was waiting for me.

"O-of course Detective, please follow me" Diamond says, waiting for me to stand up before leading me over towards where her father's study was. She took out a set of keys and unlocked the door "Father had forbade me to enter unless it was an emergency" she says softly to me.

I give her an awkward chuckle as I look at her "I think this would classify as an emergency, ma'am" I say to her before I walked into the study. I looked around, and instead of what I would see in most studies, Quartz's study was immaculate. The walls were lined with bookshelves, and those that weren't had either photos or maps of the cities and states of Equestria. On his desk, were letters, forms and charters piled in separate piles, neatly.

"Thank you miss Cutter, I will find you should I need you" I say to her, as I had noticed her unease of being where she had last seen her father. After she left, I had begun poking around, looking for anything out of place, glancing over various letters and charters, but of course they were all legalese and full of terms that my mind couldn't grasp.

Shaking my head, I put the letters and charters back where I found them and had sat down on the plush office chair that was at the desk, rubbing my temples, this was going to be harder than I initially thought, and I had already committed myself to the task.

A sigh of resignation escaped my lips as i sat up from my slumped position, and that is when I noticed it, a solitary envelope, half opened and looking out of place as it had seemingly been hastily put back on the desk. "Must have been mixed up with the others and fell out" I think to myself, as I pick the letter up and begin reading it. It did indeed entail a very high profile job at the small island of Darkmoore, a small inconspicuous island off the coasts of Baltimare.

Darkmoore, was, unassuming, only those in the know, would know that the island's main income was from the export of oil. I sighed, now knowing where I needed to go to, I stood up from the chair, that had until then, offered its comfort to my tired body. After hastily writing down the co-ordinates, I put the letter back and made my way out of the office and looked for the lady of the house.

It took me no time at all, as I found her once more in the entertainment room, sipping on another glass of whiskey, and smoking a cigarette. I quietly clear my throat, alerting her of my presence. She looks up "Detective? What have you found?" she asks me and I give her, once more, my best confident smile, though I was of course, of no certainty that I would find her father, "Your father had been offered a very high profile job in the island of Darkmoore" I say "I have the co-ordinates and will set sail by the beginning of the next morning" I assure her, before placing a hand on the head of the sofa she was sitting on "I will find him" I tell her, though it was a lie, as I had no clue as to where to start.

Diamond looked up at me once more, and I could tell she had been crying. I pitied her, such a young, beautiful mare to have to go through something like this, it was inconceivable. "My going rate is a down payment of 10,000 bits, to cover expenses such as travel, food and accommodation" I say to her, as she nods and writes down a check for the amount, "Thank you, I will ask for the rest after I have closed the case" I say to her, as she nods and then gets up, showing me out of the mansion.

As I once more, walked through the gates, I looked back at the mansion and felt a pang of pain in my heart. I gave her false hope, something I loathed, but what else could I have done? Told her that the chances of finding her father, let alone finding him alive were slim to none? I couldn't bring myself to do it, and so with a heavy sigh, I once more got into the driver's side of my Cadillac and then drove off to the motel I had chosen to spend the night at.

After having paid the fee for my room, a humble room with a small desk and a single bed, I started making preparations for my imminent departure.

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