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no critique °˖✧ Deerie's OC's ✧˖°


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°˖✧ Deerie's OC's ✧˖°

This is where I will post the rest of my OC's, including artworks of Deerie that I commissioned.
I've got many OC's to show and some also have a simple backstory to go with them.
I've already shown them to a friend but not to users here so here we .. go!


You are not allowed to use my OC's for anything, do not use them for RP, do not use their art as your avatar, etc.
I am only posting them here to show them.
What is mine should stay mine just like what is yours should stay yours.
If I catch you using them still, you will be blacklisted and reported.

To a Mod who sees this:
I talked about where i should place this with TheTaZe and I was recommended this folder
So if It is not allowed here, I'm very sorry and I'd like to be told.

These OC's are never going for sale.



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Let's start it off with my Demon OC.. Ayaka or.. Ayakashi.
The spoiler contains information about my little demon.

Ayaka can be summoned by hitting the gong near the torii (gate) at the Shrine of shibasa, the bells at her horns will chime which ends up calling her to the torii. She will appear surrounded by blue flames which can often be seen as a sign of the devil and not to mention.. Ayaka is a demon so ponies aren't exactly wrong.. however, Ayaka is not a bad demon. She likes to help ponies achieve their goals and wants to spread love despite what she is meant to be.

Ayaka once served the munks of Shibasa long ago though she once tried summoning a demon herself which lead to her becoming one after passing away. The prayers did not make her normal but she has however accepted her fate as a reborn demon pony, abiding all the rules to be a bad demon pony. She's always made it her mission to make the demon pony's see that they can be good too and that they do not have to be feared. This can lead to fights as not every demon will accept this, not every demon will want to be good.

She is a very lovable demon pony who will not hold back with hugs, after all, hugs are what makes ponies happy but.. she does love a bit of mischief here and there.

Ayaka Likes                                                             Ayaka Dislikes
d7a03nb-019585ca-743e-4614-aaea-909da2c6 Hugs & affection                                             dbrjnsk-d5845410-d2f2-4b9e-9675-9e6d73ee  Being summoned just to be treated poorly
d7a03nb-019585ca-743e-4614-aaea-909da2c6 Helping ponies out                                          dbrjnsk-d5845410-d2f2-4b9e-9675-9e6d73ee  Chickens / Roosters
d7a03nb-019585ca-743e-4614-aaea-909da2c6 Bells // anything that chimes soothingly         dbrjnsk-d5845410-d2f2-4b9e-9675-9e6d73ee  Not receiving affection and connecting to ponies
d7a03nb-019585ca-743e-4614-aaea-909da2c6 Shrines and other ancient places                     dbrjnsk-d5845410-d2f2-4b9e-9675-9e6d73ee  Ponies who copy her appearance (changelings)
d7a03nb-019585ca-743e-4614-aaea-909da2c6 Pastel colors
d7a03nb-019585ca-743e-4614-aaea-909da2c6 Mochi icecream
d7a03nb-019585ca-743e-4614-aaea-909da2c6 Friends
d7a03nb-019585ca-743e-4614-aaea-909da2c6 Visiting new places
d7a03nb-019585ca-743e-4614-aaea-909da2c6 Being invited to go on adventures

1. Artwork by Thieftea


2. Artwork by buvanbyu

3. Artwork by RenSaio

4. Artworks by Mxnxii




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Nawa, The Pharaoh.
Warning: This character got stolen from me.. a lot!


Nawa has two sides.

1. The normal pharaoh

The normal pharaoh is a being shy of nature yet careful and caring, she will do anything to make sure her people are doing fine and will often help with anything. her coat helps her withstand the heat and sandstorms. She has two pet dogs and always wears her headgear. This headgear contains ancient magic and she will use this to protect herself and her city. She is often around in the city to help her people. If she's not then she's out and about helping ponies learn more about the language they speak and giving them secret guiding through the tombs aswell as secret archives only she has access to, does this keep them from danger? Hell no. Nawa will try to interact with the ponies and will do her best but often she also has to pull back to rest, everything might take it's toll.She herself may want to travel one day but she cannot leave the palace unprotected for long. Nopony else gets to be on her throne. This Nawa is a lot nicer than the mummy one but even she has her limits and is not afraid to use her headgear, even she has a dark side and will destroy a city if need be. If Nawa is treated poorly she will not hold back on having anypony as her slave and have them go through the horrors of it all. Nawa can be as kind and loving as she wants to be but her bad side is quite evil and dark.

The Nawa from now has been reborn and has been taken in by Rover Wonder. He is her adoptive brother and helps her understand all the things in this new world. (New to her, old to others)
Because Nawa is from a different era here she is a lot smaller than most ponies as those ponies had not yet evolved as much nor developed as much.

2. The cursed mummy (pharaoh aswell)

This pharaoh pony can only be found in her tomb far, far away in the egyptian desert of anubisia. There she was put to rest with all of her treasures aswell as her pet dogs, this pharaoh had been cursed by an evil yet powerful sorceress and has doomed her to one day rise up again when ponies that she knew have been long gone. The headgear that she used to wear is floating above her tomb. Every night when clock strikes 12 this pharaoh will rise up from her grave to haunt the tomb that ponies will often come to search through, if they dare touch any of her belongings let alone the most precious one they will be in serious danger until they've found the cure to either bring her back to life fully or to let her rest in peace at last. This pharaoh's father was Anubis. She has some powerful tricks up her sleeve but she is not unbeatable, she is mainly a lost being that has to live through a horror show every single time the clock strikes. If ponies dare touch her headgear she will rise up fully and will be sure to attack whichever pony tried touching it. This pharaoh has empty eye sockets! The mummified pharaoh can change for the better depending on how one treats her.



1.Nawa can summon the Plagues with her headgear
2.She can summon a small army of the dead (mummy rp)
3.She can make the ground open from underneath them but this is only to summon either a god for some reason or send something bad back to where it came from

Nawa likes (version 1. Normal)
Cuddles, hugs, making new friends, discovering new things, going on adventures, being a guide, water, taking long baths, being pampered, plushies, Sand

Nawa dislikes (Version 1. Normal)
Thieves, being complained at, cold weather (Like at night), fighting, ponies laying down on her back

Nawa likes (version 2. Mummy) Using her power, Scarabs, has a desire for love but cannot obtain it due to her condition but still likes love.

Nawa dislikes (Version 2. Mummy)
The curse not being lifted, being disturbed, her looks (if one shows her with a mirror even though her eye sockets are empty, she can feel it by their fear and sense mirrors)


1. Artwork by: Loyaldis

2. Artwork by: Sorasku


3. Artwork by: Ipun

4. Artworks by: Mxnxii



5. Artwork by Acry-artwork (had to be cropped, huge file)



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Izumi was born in a village where it was always safe but also boring and her parents were the ones to always look for adventure and with that also came moving from village to village.. until something tragic happened and her parents had died by the hand of criminals. Little Izumi was left alone but has always found comfort in the songs her parents used to sing to her aswell as a cat, a cat that would come up to her whenever she was feeling sad.
Izumi has been trying to learn to live by herself out on the streets and is one to absolutely love affection but does not know who she can or can't trust and doesn't know wrong from right this is why she might stray off the right path sometimes.
One thing Izumi is good at is creating things. She is the one who made herself the cat beanie she wears aswell as the bows in her mane.
The little pony always wears her favorite cat beanie, White with pink striped socks, bows and a pink choker with a steel heart attached to it in the middle. She will however, always be interested in wearing new items for others if they ask her to. She loves accessoiry.

Izumi likes:
 dak0p0f-165f1ea0-b22d-4d24-ab32-ddcb0df8 Accessoiry (socks, ribbons, beanies)
dak0p0f-165f1ea0-b22d-4d24-ab32-ddcb0df8 Animals but specifically cats
dak0p0f-165f1ea0-b22d-4d24-ab32-ddcb0df8Making new friends
dak0p0f-165f1ea0-b22d-4d24-ab32-ddcb0df8Sewing, drawing, decorating
dak0p0f-165f1ea0-b22d-4d24-ab32-ddcb0df8Cute colors such as soft pastels
dak0p0f-165f1ea0-b22d-4d24-ab32-ddcb0df8Going to petting zoo's, going on adventures, swimming etc
dak0p0f-165f1ea0-b22d-4d24-ab32-ddcb0df8Magic fascinates her, she'll like seeing unicorns
dak0p0f-165f1ea0-b22d-4d24-ab32-ddcb0df8Tea, Milk, Strawberry Milk

Izumi dislikes:
d9jryzf-f7a52abe-7f98-4fca-926a-5b0c3ec7 Dogs d9us3ja-875cad82-feb1-4d4e-a02e-41846770 They scare her
d9jryzf-f7a52abe-7f98-4fca-926a-5b0c3ec7 Bugs and Spiders
d9jryzf-f7a52abe-7f98-4fca-926a-5b0c3ec7 Criminals
d9jryzf-f7a52abe-7f98-4fca-926a-5b0c3ec7ponies who want her to not wear her beanie
d9jryzf-f7a52abe-7f98-4fca-926a-5b0c3ec7 Heights, heights are scary!

1: artwork by Mxnxii
2. Artwork by: Exceru-Karina

Izumi's theme song:




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Mimi, The brown bear pony


Mimi is a earth pony below average height who has been living in a small cottage in the forest for as long as she can remember, This forest is a special one where living beings and spirits live together. Being a small earth pony with some strong sharp teeth can often scare others off.. ofcourse which is why she tries to stay out of trouble by remaining near the cottage unless she is ready to make new friends. She has always been the creative kind and has created the ribbons she wears in her mane herself. At night time, she likes to go looking for the stars and sometimes.. if in luck.. she can catch a star. A star that can be used to create wonderous things. Thus, her nickname is The star-catcher.
This little pony has a coat that's quite thick and soft, like a bears. She is soft and cuddly. 
Her favorite thing to do when she has nothing else to do is to go out and try to meet new friends and possibly hang out with them at new places, no matter how crazy.

Mimi's gift is that she can connect to bears, she can talk with them.. as if they share the same language. This is why there are usually some around her cottage, keeping her company. If she meets new pony friends she will definitely try to make them befriend the bears aswell..which can lead to silly situations such as being taken for a tour through the forest on a Bears back. The star-catcher can also make wishes come true if the star she's catched has been wished upon and if the wish is genuine and not harmful to others.

Mimi loves: Bears, Bows / Ribbons, Crafting, Cuddling, Smiling, Stargazing, Quality time with friends, The scent of the forest, Collecting Stars in Jars, Things related to Angels, Spreading kindness, Working hard, Snugglin', Music, Going to the park, Swimming, Icecream and sweets of all kinds. Honey, she'll go crazy for it.

Mimi hates: To go to scary places by herself, Not making new friends, Ponies who fight constantly (depending on situation), Nights without Stars to see, Haunted parts of the forest

1.Artwork by: Clay_Pony_

2. Artwork by: Rinli

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