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Equestrian Monstrosity
A tale of horror and things best left unsaid.

What is that sound you hear in the night? You know, the one when you're all snuggled into the covers, ready and willing to fall asleep. Hopeully it isn't something that you would rather not see. I mean, come on, this is Equestria isn't it? Everything is nice, bubbly, and safe. But what if it wasn't so? Could it be that everything and everypony as you know it are lying to you? Well, that couldn't possibly be true. Princess Celestia is watching over you, so nothing bad is going to happen.

Unless there was no Princess...

Ever wonder what happened to the family down the street? That strange collection of various odds and ends that ammalgamated into a makeshift coupling of bride and groom. They suddenly disappeared about a month ago. No one has been in their house, or heard anything from it. The mail lies stuffed into its box, and the fence unrepaired after the mailpony's latest mistake. Its the talk of the town, and everyone has their theories. That is, until more ponies begin to disappear.

So here you are, a pony. You aren't anything special. For most of your life you have lived fairly normally. But now, when chaos spreads, you learn that you have something very special about you. What this is exactly can be varied, maybe you see in the dark, or you can eat anything and everything. Now your 'talent' is going to be put to the test.

Rules: (They're important brony! Look for the secret code word. This word needs to be in your profile, or pm it to me!)
Rule 1: All forum Rules apply. Obey the Pony Overlords!
Rule 2: Op-ness is judged by me. Only me. If you have a complaint, PM me.
Rule 3: No arguing in the OOC thread. This is a one strike system. Watch it!
Rule 4: No alicorns. Sorry.
Rule 5: Main cast characters may not be copy-pasted from the show. Make em unique!
Rule 6: All characters, Main cast included, need a character profile.
Rule 7: This may be a more mature version of Equestria, but I will kick you from the roleplay if this goes above Teen maturity level. That is for me to judge. Code word Factory.
Rule 8: All posts that are suitably derpish, op, or mature must be changed. We can't have a little kid reading our thread, and get us sued.
Rule 9: Have fun. I may seem like a real downer at this moment, but I simply want to conform with forum rules. This can be a great roleplay if we keep to it!
Rule 10: Special talents are to be pm'ed to me. I may modify them to be more suitable if need be.

Character List:
None as of yet D:

(Oh, before I forget! This is a group effort, not my personal story project. I have set the basic idea, but y'all are the ones going to push the roleplay forward. If you want to be a derpy pony, thats fine! Just make sure you have a good time ^_^)

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Sounds awesome so count me in. Give me a couple of minutes to finish of an OC, k?

Also, this sounds kind of Rainbow Factory-ish to me.


The clever statement directly above this is to not be taken seriously. It is simply a clever statement used to put across a secret message.


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I am glad that both of you are already showing intrest. I will making a few changes on occasion. Mostly depends on where you guys take it. This could be a mystery, horror, or action film. Who knows, could be a love comedy if it turns out that way. But I would like to keep with a dark atmosphere. Not to say we can't have our very own Pinkie Pie brighten it up occasionally.

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I'm not sure if we're allowed to play doubles, but I pumped two siblings out of the OC Factory so..



(For the moving comments in their bio, it can probably be assumed they moved into Ponyville at least a little bit before the eerie-creepy stuff started to occur)

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Accepted. I can't wait to see what the pair will come up with.



I do hope you guys are still interested. Cali, you will be accepted if you get the code right ^_^

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