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Studio youtube channel going offline shortly, will be replaced by a brand new channel, and website building built, nothing is being deleted dont panic, we are reaching another milestone in production, and its time to bring the Eqt brand officially to life. 

Happy thanksgiving everypony, and have a great weekend!

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Big Production Update!

 We have reached out to a number of anime studios, and are in deep talks with P.A. Works an anime studio in Japan for the animation of the pilot episodes, creators of Shirobako, Nanare Hananare, Skip, and Loafer, Komada: A Shisky Family to name a few. We have also reached out to and are in talks with Glen Keane Productions to handle a special scene in the pilot that should bring back classic 1990's animation. 

 We are also reaching out to a number of former FiM voice talents to fill a few open roles on the main cast, we will announce them once they are signed.

 We have made the decision to create this show as it was always imagined to be, in full 2D hand-drawn animation. Combining the western and eastern animation styles and techniques to create something we hope you all will love. We have a set start of production timeline, but will not give a release date until we are much closer to the finish line. We will make the long wait worth your time, and think we have built something special every pony can enjoy.

Lastly production web site is being designed we will bring it online in sections starting next friday!

 Thank you all for the support and more updates to come!

dawn 3.png


Aeros city.png

website landing page.png


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On 11/22/2023 at 12:35 AM, K_Cast said:

Hello everypony!

 Bullet points,

- ViP voice work has been recorded

- new talent acquired,

- looking for artists

-production is off the ground!

It has been far too long, and I wanted to give an update on production, we are a few days out of Ciderfest where we just recorded the largest charity auction numbers in ponycon history, a lot of the team was there as staff, vendors, community guest I would first like to thank everyone on this team for giving what you have to the community and to this production, and to all the fans that helped to make that charity the happiest in the world, it will go to help save many animals and what more can we say about the brony community, we help every creature.

 Now on to the update, over this weekend we met a number of new friends who will be joining the production after the pilot has wrapped up, we have begun assimilating every FiM voice talent, and show staff we can talk to. Now that the writer and actors strike has ended we can also fill our remaining lead characters' voice side as well!

 Gab and Claire have finished recording, the rest of the VA team is gearing up, we should be into full storyboarding by the new year!

 If you are interested in meeting the team, and seeing a real sneak peek into production, I hope you join us live or online for Harmonycon! We have put in for a special panel where we will show the first minutes of the series for the first time, the vip talent involved will be present, and we hope to meet you all! Dont be late there might be prizes o-o

 We are reaching out to Ian Hanlin (Sun Burst) for a lead role, Rebecca Shoichet (Sunset Shimmer / Singing Twilight), Giles Panton (Flash Magnus to play the new captain of the city guard Hot Shot, we are looking into Nicole Oliver for Voice Director/guest VA, Diana Kaarina (aria Blaze EG) who would like to reunite with the original Siren Voice talents in Eqt for 3 new characters, and many more in the works. I also spent the weekend talking to Ac Racebest, Saberspark, Silver Quill and as many of the original brony content creators as I could find for a special scene for the pilot to pay respect to where we began. 

 At this time we are working on the largest scenes of the pilot and coming to the point where we might need some help, so I am opening a few art positions as well as a few voice roles mainly for background and a few sub-main cast if you're interested at all please DM me I would be happy to see if we have a role for you! We are looking for a few parent characters, a few younger ponies, and a lot of just everyday ponies to fill all the city scenes (the team is going to hurt me lol)

 Thank you all and updates will come more often as production is now underway, we had a lot to rebuild and I hope you like the direction the show is now going!

 Have a wonderful holiday, and see you next time!

Toys are coming!

Check these out!

 We are in contact with a manufacturer at this time to create a funko-sized line of character figures, these three are prototypes, we are waiting on some other details before we reveal final prices, release schedule, and so on, they will be available first to Patreon and crowdfunding supporters, we will make a larger campaign before they are released so those that want one can get one. They will be a limited run but if it looks like they sell out through Patreon or so on, we will order a few more so everyone can have a chance at one. We want this show and merch to be accessible to everyone, we are trying to get the price of these down enough to fit a wider budget, and there will be some more limited edition projects coming.

 This is just the beginning we have many more ideas in the pipeline, we are going old school Hasbro here! 


Wow these designs are Lovely. Curious what happened to their cutie mark. Is there a reason they no longer have it.

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Happy New Year everyone!

 I can finally offically announce professional anime voice actress Rachael Messer has joined the voice team to take on the lead female character Ink Heart for the pilot of Equestrian Tales and beyond. Her IMDB is linked below, we have more professional talent coming aboard and will be announced as soon as we confirm details, thank you everypony!



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On 2024-01-10 at 3:33 PM, RaphLuna said:

Wow these designs are Lovely. Curious what happened to their cutie mark. Is there a reason they no longer have it.

 We decided as a team to break from Hasbro, we did get through successfully to pitch the show as planned to them, but we saw where things were heading with them and the industry, and decided to rebuild the show as an original work as we felt they would ruin the show we built as they are Gen 5 and the rest of their company. Equestrian Tales brand has been submitted and approved through our company, and we spent around 4 months rebuilding the show into an original work. The characters are still horses and very much inspired by FiM, we are even getting a good deal of the FiM production crew on after the pilot. We want to build something that pays respect to the work they did, also animation of the past but also making something new and fresh. We have also decided to build this new version of the show as a 2D animated work, and are talking to a few anime studios to bring the pilots to life. I will not give a release date at this time, but it might be out sooner than most might think as a lot of stuff is in line right now. We want to make something that captures the spirit of FiM and its fanbase while also using it to train the next generation of artists while helping as many kids around the world as we can through the work. This is only the beginning.


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