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Curious to get into RPing, but I have questions


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I've had a curiosity to get into RPing on this board, and since it looks like you can be both show characters and OCs, it's got me thinking. I don't really have a developed OC. I have a pony version of myself which I created, but it's not really a character in and of itself. However, since it's an option to be a real show character, that's got me curious.

The character I'm probably the most invested in is Stygian. I was curious about him ever since I learned about his name, had something to do with the Pony of Shadows, but didn't know anything else about him. Then I saw his episode. and became incredibly attached to him and his backstory. I have the Legends of Magic comics, half of which detail ancient tales of the Pillars, and half of them recounting Stygian's journey to find them all and defeat the Sirens. I even have the Nightmare Knights comics, where he and Luna recruit Capper, Trixie, and Tempest, and the five of them go to another world to recover Luna's stolen powers. 

It's safe to say I'm really in deep with him. I figured then, maybe I should RP him!

So I have some questions.

  1. If I want to become a show character, do I just submit a profile to a real show character that I want to play? And that's it? For show characters, wouldn't there a sort of inherent importance and something of a higher bar to meet?
  2. How do I join into someone's thread? Do I just trot in or do I need to set it up with someone? (And it would have to be seamless, too.)
  3. Anything else I need to know? I know the basic RP rules and style and such, but I feel like I'm stepping into something of a high bar.


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:yay: more RPers

Not sure if you absolutely need approval of a char to play, but you might as well. It's fun making them and then you can post as Stygian, or as I like to call him: Twilight-shy Flutters-sparkle. On account of him being meek and the centre of the group. (I <3 him too)

2. is important. you have to go into the planning forum threads and let ponies know you are interested (I have a RP with no players atm so... :grin: ) or set up your own thread about Stygian Twishy questing.

3. Ask the other RPer lots of questions before you start if you're not sure. People like different things in their rps. Some like text walls, others don't. Some like you to control their characters and others don't


Libertarian Snake didn't like it when Big State said his character paid its taxes. As Libertarian Snake explained, it wasn't that Frilly McSparkleton didn't pay her taxes. She just paid them her way. By hugging the tax collector :3 



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If you ever want someone to roleplay with, I am always available. I can teach you about what you need to know, at least in my experience. I'd say what you need to do is come up with ideas you would like to do, present them in this thread and we can talk about them. Characters always speak in quotes, sometimes think in italics, and actions are always in normal text.

For show characters, submitting a profile is all you need to do. No special tap. I did Maud Pie and Suri Polomare just like that. 

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On 2021-02-21 at 10:29 PM, Toastypk said:

I guess one of the reasons why I was a bit confused is because I was confusing these character accounts with the OTHER character accounts.

Like Thorax here. https://mlpforums.com/profile/44808-thorax/

It's different from this character database.

If you want to roleplay I can tell you all about how you normally should rp and give you other ideas, and tips. :grin:

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