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visual art aight, dump time


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so yeah, i've been doing arts for quite some time. I'm gonna dump a few recent ones here, but go check deviantart for morevampmon.thumb.png.9cc039ff254a27603173999f99c1e699.pngAAAAAAAAAAA.thumb.png.211598ce37ffc4bf31e74d142d3bf712.png1872281426_thinkfast.thumb.png.806b03bb9856949de5547d71b1a2bd73.png1900875224_ohnohehasastand.thumb.png.56c028aa3871e12a8ecf71ba99e755c0.pngdtdtdy.thumb.png.cce66914246dccbe81d984dde129676e.png471302828_scaredspec-tacular.thumb.png.2c3016d85073473af25a240fdb1bdf96.pngjestermon.thumb.png.480b8a771884413d5fb06d92618d8d7f.png


                                      Aight that's enough i think. Dunno why i wanted to dump things now but yeah. Have a nice day.


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