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A Very Scary Scootaloo Halloween


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Scootaloo is an Atlanta Falcons fan.  Cue to Falcons choking:BornAgainBrony:  

Scootaloo is a chicken.  Chickens choke:love:  

Scootaloo goes to the Houston Super Bowl.  Falcons choke "28 to 3":sealed:  

Halloween is here  Say "28 to 3" to Scootaloo:scoots:  

Everypony haunt Scootaloo with "28 to 3" memes, images, everything and stuff:sassy:  

"Trick or treat, 28 to 3, watch out behind you, it's Tom Brady" says Pinkie Pie:)  

"Campfire Tales"  Scootaloo tries to choke Rainbow Dash:wub:  

Philadelphia Eagles won a Super Bowl the next season.  Spitfire is an Eagles fan:fiery:  

Green Bay Packers won a Super Bowl 11 seasons ago.  Rumble is a Packers fan:kirin:  

Arizona Cardinals never won a Super Bowl either.  Fluttershy is a Cardinals fan:fluttershy:  

Cardinals are outstanding.  Perhaps Fluttershy should take of Scootaloo;)  

Pittsburgh Steelers losing a lot of games.  Snap Shutter is a Steelers fan who looks like Big Ben:mellow:  

Seattle Seahawks lost a Super Bowl to Tom Brady.  Rainbow Dash and her family are Seahawks fans:ph3ar:  

Rams lost 2 Super Bowls to Tom Brady.  Grogar is a Rams fan:umad:  

James and the Giant Peach  Scootaloo's aunts need to be scary:LunaMCM1:  

Something's wrong here in Baltimore  No pony is a Ravens fan:maud:  

California needs love.  Bring out 49ers ponies:fabulous:  

The Great and Powerful Trixie.  Or should I say "28 to 3":wau:  

Sweetie Belle is a Dictionary.  Apple Bloom is a Cowboys fan with 5 rings:mlp_yeehaa:  

Get working with "28 to 3" winged ponies.  There are loads of Broncos and Colts fans:mlp_smug:  

Saints fans are welcome too with jazz:twismile:  

As Adam Sandler once said, "YOU BLEW IT!":angry:  

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