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Pipp's feathery wings explained by movie artist


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Turns out it was just a design choice with a specific inspiration.

One of the movie artists was asked about this:


"The Initial thought behind that was that Pipp is a big musical fan and has a thing for that glamorous 20's look. The fluffy wings made her look like she had a fancy feather boa :D"

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  • The title was changed to Pipp's feathery wings explained by movie artist

Interesting that it was inspired by that! However, it is important to note that movie artist said "initial thought" and not "final thought", meaning that Pipp's wings was initially inspired by the 20's glamorous look but the final inspiration was different.

I am still hoping for an in-universe explanation, like maybe she is unique and has special wings or maybe she uses some sort of wing treatment or magic to make her wings look the way they are.

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