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  1. Dang, I wish mainstream comics and cartoons were even half as "woke" as some people accuse them of being, wouldn't that be nice.
  2. TransPirate

    Pipp Petals Fan Club

    She is so dang short is she the youngest in the group? I don't remember any of the promo material mentioning characters' ages
  3. Where's "I am now" option?
  4. Everypony's favorite Pegasus influencer/popstar
  5. Here's the same gif without the glitch at the end
  6. I think MLP: The Movie is the best out of those but Rainbow Rocks is my favorite
  7. TransPirate

    Zipp Storm Fan Club

    Love Zipp's design and voice! I keep watching this and there is something so fascinating about the hovering animation.
  8. Could you do an Izzy/Sunny one? Here's a fanart with flat colors:
  9. The art is by HigglyTownHero, please try to credit artists when reposting fanart
  10. TransPirate

    Izzy Moonbow Fan Club!

    Here's a whole animation of her spinning
  11. The movie is a month away and there still isn't a Sunny Fan Club, smh It's great to have an Earth Pony as a main character and she's got a great design too!
  12. Maybe she is hinting here that she is in the film but voicing a new character? That would be nice even if it's a minor role.
  13. That's an interesting take, are you saying that Faust's cute ponies aren't a cash grab? 'Cause it's all still a toy commercial at the end of the day. Also "cynical" is quite subjective. Cynical on part of Hasbro higher ups? For sure, but again, same can be said about the creation of FiM. Cynical on part of the artists working on EqG? Do you really think they didn't care? I realise I sound accusatory here but I am genuinely curious where you coming from with this.
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