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2021 Football Wild Card Weekend


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Well, everypony we’re about to enter the playoffs.  Where the real excitement and high stakes happen.  The important quest to the 56th Lombardi Trophy in Los Angeles awaits and said trophy had better stay there:okiedokieloki: when Sunday, February 13th shows up.  

But first we need to rundown a few things.  

:umad:The Patriots are back:umad:  

Given we can never have truly good things, Emperor Belichick:ithastolookpretty: and his new Sith Lord, :blink:Mac Jones, the rookie from :blink:Alabama, has led football's Evil Empire back in the playoffs.  Think of these Patriots as the 2010 Green Bay Packers.  This is gonna suck:yuck:  

Old Man Big Ben taking out everybody:Cozy:  

As if the Patriots aren't bad enough, their 2nd rate elite counterpart, the Pittsburgh Steelers:unamused: have booked their 2nd straight playoff trip, as the #7 Seed:angry:    

Tom Brady and the Defending Super Bowl Champion Buccaneers will host a bunch of pesky Eagles.  Even better, no Saints to deal with, so SCREW DAT:D  

NFC WEST showdown  

Cardinals and Kyler Murray:sunbutt: square off against the Rams and old man Matthew Stafford:orly:  

The NFC's 2 once great Evil Empires collide:sneer:  

San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys enter a showdown for Wild Card weekend, and we all know the big showdowns in multiple NFC Championship games between these two.  The most recent one way back in 1994, which to this day, holds the most points scored.  Jimmy Garoppolo:secret: (or :twismile:Trey Lance) vs. Dak PrescottB)

The playoff format involves 14 teams, the same as last season.  

Below is the playoff arrangement for January 15th, 16th and 17th.  

AFC Wild Card games


Steelers vs. Chiefs (NBC)

Patriots vs. Bills (CBS)

Raiders vs. Bengals (NBC)

NFC Wild Card games

Eagles vs. Buccaneers (FOX)

Cardinals vs. Rams (ESPN and ABC)

49ers vs. Cowboys (CBS and Nickelodeon)

As for the Tennessee Titans (Ryan Tannahill) and Green Bay Packers (Aaron Rodgers), they've locked up the #1 Seed and the extra relaxing week off, vacation to Hawaii, get a suntan:mlp_icwudt: and gulp refreshments:mlp_icwudt: as they watch on theater screen TVs:mlp_icwudt: those 12 other playoff teams waging war:sneer: 

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