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What were the Dazzlings ultimately trying to achieve?

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I always let the words of their finale song kind of slide by, because it's such an amazing act, but what they were saying really accurate?

The rest of the show (as well as their origin story) described them as feeding off of conflict. Alright, fine. But once the Battle of the Bands actually starts, the mood seems to have changed. The crowd isn't fighting each other anymore. In fact, they're united, even if through hypnosis. They are now hardcore fans of the Dazzlings, who are singing not about competition, but adoration, and... perhaps... lustful adoration, at that. Storytelling usually tells this in "end of the world" kinds of scenarios, but is all of this really just about becoming worshiped as gods of a sort? It then feels more like a simple magical path to stardom, instead of some kind of literal world-conqueror. But where would the energy come from at that point? Can they also feed off of desire almost like changelings?

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