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  1. Because the Mane 6 are not bucking teenagers.
  2. Let’s not forget that G4 has things like arcade games, colour photography, film, the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 and Jet Set’s cutie mark of three aeroplanes.
  3. The Wave 25 blind bag cards I’ve seen have been strange. For example, Trixie and Mosely Orange’s cards perfectly mirror the show, but Peachy Sweet’s Care depicts her with Applejack’s mane. What I’d like to know is whether Chance-A-Lot’s card depicts Caramel’s vector or something else. That way, we may get that small step closer to knowing whether Chance-A-Lot and Caramel are the same pony, or whether Chance-A-Lot is the name of the Caramel-style Big Macintosh recolour in the intro.
  4. My point was, for you, cute things have to have backstory behind them. But the toys from Fluttershy’s hideout looked like she just had them for the sake of their cuteness alone.
  5. I just remembered the toys and show have fetlocks but the toy packaging doesn’t.
  6. You may have seen a good amount of the merchandise planned for next year which many equate to the show coming out at that same time - Pony Life. But I have noticed two major differences - the toys are lankier and have unshorn fetlocks. They even have box art that looks nothing like PL. Just look at this.
  7. Don’t you get it? She knew Gilda as a child but only met Pinkie once she moved to Ponyville, so that made her extra loyal.
  8. Dec Browne

    Animation Corn & Peg

    They probably heard somewhere that FiM was being cancelled and decided to capitalise on the pony/unicorn market. And then when they’re side by side...
  9. Merry Birthiversary! 

  10. But how did Big Mac and Rockhoof's hooves actually change colour?
  11. Look at my picture of Thunderlane above. Also, it was fur BLIGHT, not fur LINE.
  12. Nice theory, but pony hooves have been treated like real, furless ones sometimes, like when Rarity said hers were 'cracked and dry from working in the field'.
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