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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. But how did Big Mac and Rockhoof's hooves actually change colour?
  3. Look at my picture of Thunderlane above. Also, it was fur BLIGHT, not fur LINE.
  4. Nice theory, but pony hooves have been treated like real, furless ones sometimes, like when Rarity said hers were 'cracked and dry from working in the field'.
  5. But Rockhoof's just appeared on him out of nowhere, remember?
  6. What if the reason Trouble Shoes' hooves were whiter and didn't have an outline drawn around the fetlocks as a colt was because he actually painted them to look tough, tired of being teased for his bad luck?
  7. I think this image might confirm that even on hooves that are the same colour as the body, even though it may be a visual representation of Rarity's exaggeration about how rustic she's become, in which case it may still show that the concept of 'cracked and dry' hooves is not unknown to Equestria's ponies, indicating that they are not surrounded by furry skin.
  8. Funnily enough, in today's science class (🤓), we were talking about body heat, which may well have some bearing here. After all, Trouble Shoes did grow up in a much hotter climate than Big Mac.
  9. It would certainly help to know if these were chips of hoof or simply strands of fur.
  10. I don't think their fur would wrap so neatly around the bottoms of their hooves simply by shagging down from their fetlocks.
  11. Well, how about Thunderlane? Doctor Whooves? Mr. Cake? Cheese Sandwich? Sunburst? Huh?
  12. Has anyone else ever wondered why some stallions, such as Big Macintosh and Shining Armor, have hooves coloured differently to the rest of their bodies, yet most others don't? And even more strangely, Big Mac's hooves were the same colour as the rest of his body as a colt, yet Trouble Shoes' were even whiter than they are today? Theory 1: Blood Pressure The reason that some heavy stallions have coloured hooves may be their higher level of blood pressure. This may also explain why Trouble Shoes had whiter hooves when he was shown as a colt in the rodeo, as his apparent higher level of activity would have increased his blood pressure, thus increasing the whiteness of his hooves. Big Mac, on the other hoof (literally), grew up with much slower-paced activity. But what about ponies like Gladmane, who appear the same weight as the likes of Big Mac, you may ask? They're just a different type. Then again, I'm no scientist. Maybe Trouble Shoes' hooves simply got browner the same way my Converse shoes have (even though they're only two weeks old). They didn't get much whiter when he came back into the rodeo as a stallion. Or maybe it just differs from pony to pony. Theory 2: Skin Loss This theory suggests that while all stallions are born with furry skin around their hooves, there is one kind that loses that skin with weight. The reason Trouble Shoes lost his hoof skin at an earlier age than Big Macintosh may simply be that he had weaker skin. As for if mares can have coloured hooves, I just can't say.