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  1. Toon4Thought

    Which characters from FiM do you want to see in EQG?

    ...You know what, that's actually a really good pick. Memorable personality, does not get much representation in FiM despite frequently being in the background... it's very much in line with the characters we do get human versions of.
  2. Interesting at face value, but honestly a large part of the appeal of EqG to me is seeing the familiar characters play out in a human environment and lifestyle.
  3. I think the human CMCs could very strongly benefit from having more spotlight time. It doesn't help that one of the CYOE shorts directly contradicted the acronym mentioned in "The Canterlot Movie Club". That actually bothered me a lot, because I thought that was a really clever angle to take, since the human world doesn't have cutie marks and Equestria doesn't seem to have big blockbuster movies. But the fact it was in a Boulder Media short means it's not in the official bible, so yeah, a clever idea completely put to waste. I guess she just really loves human technology and how much more mundane it is compared to Equestria, as well as how friendly and intimate Canterlot High is. I agree there should be a future character arc where she becomes homesick, but being a wizard isn't all that special in a world where magic is commonplace.
  4. Toon4Thought

    Why Gummy is not a live alligator?

    Keyword being "villain". Plus, it's a little less grounded when you consider it centers around a rescue society of mice.
  5. Toon4Thought

    Ideas for an EqG holiday story

    I assume by that, you mean one for each character, followed by an ensemble music video? I think that could easily work as well.
  6. Toon4Thought

    Ideas for an EqG holiday story

    Bumping after long inactivity, partly because "The Best Gift Ever" special is fresh on most people's minds and partly because I think I finally got a good idea all figured out. This is the synopsis: "As Christmas approaches, the Humane 6 notices Sunset seems unusually depressed and lonely during the season. Thus, they devise plans to give Sunset the best Christmas ever. However, after thinking up many ideas of their own that fall flat and even asking Princess Twilight to help them connect with Sunset through Hearth’s Warming traditions, they realize that maybe a perfect Christmas doesn’t need to be extravagant, and that something meaningful can lie within the small things." In terms of structure, think of something like "Castle Sweet Castle" except with the girls in more constant communication. What do you think?
  7. Toon4Thought

    Best way to bring Sunset Shimmer to FiM?

    Even with that in mind, why can't they just give her a cameo as a portrait or something? It's not like those who don't watch EqG would need to know anything, since it'd be just a little extra for those who do know about her.
  8. They could just give her a cameo in the form of a portrait or something. That wouldn't require any outside knowledge and would just be a bonus to those who do know. I don't know why they can't give her at least that. But honestly, I think it's a neat idea for Sunset's human version to be living in Equestria all this time, for reasons very similar to why pony Sunset moved to the human world. I don't know how they would do this, but it'd be cool to see.
  9. Toon4Thought

    EqG Digital Series: Season 2 - Discussion

    It probably was part of season 1 TBH, and that we're currently on a little hiatus that more likely than not will end before the year is over anyway. Regardless though, it's nice to have a central place to discuss the shorts.
  10. Toon4Thought

    Spoiler What's left for Equestria Girls as of late 2018

    That's a pretty good way of looking at it, actually. Personally, I would prefer they more regularly have 11 or 22-minute stories, since the majority of the season 1 shorts felt like they weren't able to be fleshed out enough to be anything substantial (Overpowered and Last Day of School are two good examples). Yeah, there are specials, but it feels like going from one extreme to another. Forgotten Friendship used the run-time near perfectly, but Rollercoaster of Friendship was basically a 22-minute plot with random shorts thrown in, which really showed in that special's pacing. However, the way you praise the short format does make me look at them more positively. Maybe they should have just as many 11-minute stories as shorts, with them essentially alternating between the two, along with the occasional special? The slice of life stuff tends to be what drags me into EqG as well, since it allows them to really show how different the Mane Six's lives would be as humans. Though I do want Sunset's ties to Equestria to be explored more in the future; I still argue it's not too late to do a story with her possibly becoming homesick. Surely she ends up like that at some point with how vastly different her new life is compared to her old one.
  11. I feel like Sunset shouldn't count because, even in two different forms, it's still the same character.
  12. Toon4Thought

    EqG Digital Series: Season 2 - Discussion

    They did, but they all appeared on Discovery Family Go first (or, in Road Tripped's case, the MLP Movie DVD of all places). Not the case here.
  13. Unlike season 1, it seems like the shorts are actually debuting on YouTube one per week this time, so I figured it's best we simply have one thread cover the shorts for this year. We're starting this off with a music video that's very much waifu fuel. If you love human Rarity, safe to say this is for you. The song itself isn't the best lyrically, but the visuals and rhythm are just so imaginative and neat. Great start to season 2, I'd say. FiM should really consider using John Boyd (he did this one) or Mason Rather as well; I love Daniel Ingram and all, but his work has honestly gotten a little same-y in recent years.
  14. I prefer human Rarity on the grounds of her sense of fashion being put to better use in that kind of body, as well as her being in a more challenging situation due to her being a high school student. I also agree with what cmarston1 said about Applejack.
  15. Toon4Thought

    No Male Villains yet?

    Honestly, EqG has extremely few male characters in general, let alone ones of any prominence. The biggest example was probably Flash Sentry, but even his role was kind of downplayed, and is currently on the same tier as Timber Spruce and Micro Chips. So it's really no wonder we haven't had a male antagonist in there. Even then, he's more a corporate jerk than an actual antagonist.