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  1. Here's some definitively good news - Box Office Mojo says it has now made $17.2 million in foreign sales; meaning, counting this weekend's domestic prediction, the film is currently at $35.6 million worldwide.
  2. Equestria Girls 1 - Most of the movie plays out fine considering the concept, and a lot of the ideas brought up are truly interesting, but none of them are ever fully fleshed out and the third act takes such a weird shift in direction that it's hard to remain invested - 6/10 Rainbow Rocks - The beginning is rather uneven, and a few seemingly big plot points are kind of pushed aside, but by the time Princess Twilight comes in things really pick up in virtually every regard, all culminating in a really effective and unique climax - 8.5/10 Friendship Games - They did the best job they could given the story and runtime, but it comes at the expense of some elements being overly simplified or just underwhelming. Still, the Sci-Twi plot is handled quite well and there's still a lot of things to like - 7/10 Legend of Everfree - The story seems fairly uninteresting at first, but the execution is the most consistent and least flawed of the four. Twilight and Sunset are both written really well, the new powers add a lot of intrigue (especially with the other main characters), and its main conflict avoids being black-and-white like the others - 8/10
  3. Interestingly, I think by far the most interesting thing about Sunset is the mere fact that she spent the majority of her life as a pony only to become the sole Equestrian to reinvent her life as a human in a previously-unknown world. It's really impressive how well she was able to adapt, especially independently, to the point where she acts just as human as the others. That being said, her not giving Equestria a meaningful visit would probably be the single biggest waste of potential in all of G4. There is near-endless potential with that, to say the least.
  4. I personally hope she does. I know Mirror Magic didn't exactly give off a very good impression to some, but oh my Celestia is her design attractive. Her entire head area is pure eye candy, and the clothes and accessories complement her perfectly as well. That, and her dynamic with Sunset Shimmer. Both of these are way too good to only be used once.
  5. Yeah, I can very easily see setups revolving around them reaching Trixie, Flash Sentry, or even Sunset Shimmer herself.
  6. The way I've thought it up, Sunset would stay in the human world. But it would take a lot of contemplation to get her to that point, even finally giving Equestria a worthwhile visit before she does decide.
  7. Oh yeah, they really should tackle that as the grand finale or something; it would probably be the single perfect note to end it on. Have it even take place during her and the other girls' graduation.
  8. Actually, one of the leaks "infected" Juniper Montage's mirror in Mirror Magic, so there is that.
  9. Forget season 8, this is where my real hype is.
  10. 10 minute episodes would be most preferable to me, or at least long enough for meaningful stories to play out (still waiting for Sunset's ties to Equestria being further explored). But overall... yes, I am unbelievably hyped for this. Not even in a "tide me over until season 8" kind of way; if anything, I'll still more focus on this even when that starts up.
  11. I'm still wondering if it would've been possible for this film to win over the critics, if it was handled just a little differently. Because I was personally hoping for something like a Lego Movie effect (albeit on a smaller scale), where no one would think much of it only to find themselves completely blown away at how great the film actually was.
  12. I thought the UK aired the tail end of season 6 before anyone else?
  13. The network is now predominantly focusing on their app, where these issues are near non-existent. And Steven Universe has for the most part gotten quite good treatment. Here's the thing though - their live feed is basically an afterthought to the network now, and they now predominantly rely on their app and On Demand services. And like I said somewhere else in this thread, even a 6am Saturday slot would be superior to Discovery Family considering the app would give it a good amount of exposure. Amount of reruns does not equal quality of treatment. In both cases, I do agree that Netflix is probably by far the superior option though.
  14. Discovery Family is more accessible than Cartoon Network... those are some weird packages.
  15. For me, it's definitely Starlight. Her human design just feels so perfect and has a lot of creativity to it that almost none of the other ones have. Though a close second would be Sunset. A person who spent the majority of her life as a pony has no right looking that attractive...