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  1. Spoiler First 1 Hour Special Premieres February 17

    The day the Friendship to Remember book came out, I definitely knew something was up with how high-stakes it felt for a junior novel, to the point where I was convinced it was taken from an animated project. Man oh man, did I call it... And yeah, I'm with everyone else in that this is what I was waiting for with the series.
  2. Easily the thing that disappointed me the most about the movie is something that really has next to nothing to do with the actual film - that being that it was clearly trying to appeal to newcomers as well as fans, and yet it seemed to fail in terms of the former. And while I do kind of see why looking at the film, the thing for me is, even before the film was announced I was particularly anticipated for a pony movie specifically because I felt like it would break the "it's for girls, so it must suck" mentality. Like, people who would go in skeptical would come out blown away by it. So, keeping the story and much of the specifics intact, what would you have changed about the movie that you think would have won more people over? I personally think the Mane 6 could've been introduced better (like, I feel their first moments in the film didn't encapsulate their personalities that well and were sort of drawn out), and Ponies Got the Beat just reeks of mainstream executive meddling.
  3. CYOA episodes on Discovery Family Go

    Y’know, as much as I like app releases, this is really making it hard for me to actually remain hyped for the digital series. Especially given that we literally have half of the episodes known already. I just want to be kept hyped and wondering what’s going to happen next. So to have this much be released at once, and this frequently, kind of throws a monkeywrench into that. Not to mention I just want MLP out of Discovery Family’s hair already.
  4. If you wanted, how would you rewrite Mirror Magic?

    Just now, I came up with an even better idea than the one I had in mind months ago. I came up with the majority of this on the fly pretty much, and I'm amazed at how well it came out. So, this is what I would've changed, assuming the same run-time and basic story outline. This is what I would've changed in Mirror Magic: 1) Almost entirely get rid of the mirror scenes in limbo, since when you get down to it they're more or less pointless. Just showing an occasional image of the Humane 6 inside the mirror from Sunset/Starlight's perspective would really be enough to convey what is needed for the story. 2) Also trim Juniper's scenes. One or two were kind of redundant or dragged on. 3) Spend a few more minutes with Starlight and Sunset bonding, and make it clear that they're increasingly enjoying the other's company over time. 4) Along with the scene where Starlight tells Sunset to take things as they come, add in one where Sunset gives Starlight very similar advice after they encounter Juniper. Maybe something like, "It's okay to be afraid, but never let that stop you from doing the right thing." 5) Make the moral about bonding with people who seem very different from you, as even they may end up having something strong in common. This would happen with Starlight and Sunset, Juniper and Starlight, and that little 'quick confession' exchange.
  5. 2 44 Minute Specials Planned

    Problem is, that Equestria portion is in the middle of the story.
  6. 2 44 Minute Specials Planned

    I think it's safe to say we have our answer on how a Friendship to Remember will be animated.
  7. So, a little bit ago, the Discovery Family Go app has released FIVE episodes of the Choose Your Own Adventure series. The way they have it released is that each ep has three different "copies", with a different ending for each one. Consider this an early Christmas present of sorts. The episodes in question are as follows: Fluttershy's Butterflies Rarity Investigates Driving Miss Shimmer Stressed in Show Text Support I don't know if these are also available on Discovery Go's website for those of you who want to go all 1080p. I have yet to find a link for that; if someone does find it, please provide it here for convenience's sake. Me, I'll probably spread these out over time because I only have time tonight for one. Also note that "Best Trends Forever" isn't among these, meaning this may not even be all of them.
  8. New EG Short ‘Best Trends Forever’: Choose Your Own Ending

    That's the only valid theory I could come up with, too. I knew them releasing it on a Sunday was weird and unusual... It's not even the first time I recall this happening with this channel either.
  9. The future of Equestria Girls

    A lot of people seem to be claiming EqG will still live after FiM ends, but I'm not sure how much I believe that seeing as how it's a part of G4. Having it go on while G5 is being made would just be a little weird.
  10. New EG Short ‘Best Trends Forever’: Choose Your Own Ending

    No, I'm very sure it was one, since they all collectively added up to about 4 minutes of animation.
  11. IIRC Human Trixie being able to teleport was also in "Good Vibes".
  12. I also have suspicious that this may end up being part of the digital series (particularly because of the beach minis, which an early chapter just so happens to take place at). But I'm curious as to how they even would, even assuming longer shorts. Because keep in mind, the book is about the same length as the 70-minute adaptations.
  13. From what I can tell, most of said original plots are either very low-stakes or hastily cobbling multiple unrelated elements together. This is neither of those.
  14. The thing about the junior novels is that most of the stories that were original to them (for both MLP and EqG) were very low in stakes, making this one stand out like a sore thumb. In fact, the way the plot is paced and executed feels very much like a TV movie, to the point where I wouldn't even be surprised if the story was originally thought up as one. It's like this was originally going to be a fifth film but was scrapped or something. Heck, for all we know, this still might end up being an animated project. I mean, I don't think its a coincidence that an early chapter takes place at the beach, which just so happened to have a themed minis set announced not long ago. But assuming they aren't doing a movie anytime soon (considering we would've heard something about it by now), how in the world would they even insert this into the shorts? Even assuming the later ones ARE much longer, this feels like it would require a multi-parter at the very least. It's just very confusing to think about.
  15. Without giving too much away, the new book "A Friendship to Remember" does something with this.