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  1. I wrote my own EqG finale story that, among other things, focuses on Sunset struggling to figure out her future and which world she should stay in for good. Long story short:
  2. I've written a fan finale that covers the cracked statue, Sunset becoming homesick, and the girls graduating. I know it's not quite the same, and I am really hoping we get SOME kind of official conclusion (surely Nick can hand over his unproduced idea to IDW if he wanted to, right?) but I wrote it with the intent to soften the blow to myself and anyone else who felt EqG got screwed out of a true finale.
  3. You think there's a possibility for Nick to hand off his unproduced idea to IDW, so they can cover that in one of their future issues?
  4. Well, EqG has a much more defined framework now (at least compared to 2013-14) and they can easily just work off the unproduced and unscripted ideas Nick Confalone and company had.
  5. So it has been announced at NYCC that IDW will be making an artificial season 10 of the main show next year. That's cool and all, but I honestly believe EqG deserves a comic continuation much more. Not only was it pulled without an ending despite the crew having ideas, but it never had that many chances to tell full stories to begin with. It just seems like there's infinitely more potential in that. I don't know, would you agree with me and my logic? If so, what would you imagine it'd be like?
  6. They've been really doubling down on the YouTube uploads over the past couple weeks, almost as if to make up for lost time. I wonder why they even paused them to begin with.
  7. Apparently they're seven-minute shorts, i.e. what the digital series should have done from the start.
  8. I've read a fanfic where exactly that happened. All the humans turned into ponies and other Equestrian creatures, and it was indeed an apocalypse for some time. The story in question basically focuses on different EqG characters struggling to resume their lives in this changed form and environment.
  9. Anyone who knows me knows that by far the biggest problem with EqG as a whole is the fact that they basically keep the shorts at 2 minutes each. Because of this, most of the shorts wind up being all setup but no payoff, and/or end before they even have a chance to begin. And it sucks, because I stand by EqG had a lot of potential but, because of the format (and Hasbro's meddling, but that's another story), most of it was just so squandered. Ideally, I would've made the series 11 minutes an episode (even if it would've meant fewer episodes), but I don't think it would have been bad to do shorts if at least some of them were able to have a significantly longer runtime, at least if the story warranted it. Here are how I think certain shorts could've been made much stronger with a longer running time: Last Day of School - Combine what we get with subplots featuring the other girls. Find some way to even connect them in the end with a central theme. Overpowered - Give the 'magic overloads' more of a transition, and make the solution less of a one-off joke and more of a legitimate plot point in them adjusting to their powers Costume Conundrum - After getting Fluttershy into her costume, continue on with her hanging around in the costume party and having trouble enjoying it. I can probably think of more (and be more specific with those three) over time. However, I'd really like to think of how you would extend certain shorts to make them much stronger stories.
  10. Honestly, what is the point of even releasing these shorts on an app that probably no more than 10 people actually use, let alone this far ahead? Surely putting them all on YouTube at the same rate the app has been would be much more profitable. And the fact the YT uploads took a random break silently and for no reason is a little concerning to me as well. That being said, yeah someone really screwed up with this one.
  11. Some may argue her pony version, while infinitely more powerful, isn't THAT much more competent.
  12. The fact they said around the time Rainbow Roadtrip came out that they weren't yet commissioned makes me very strongly believe they won't. Sure, they also said they could in the future, but let's be real, given the fact production would take about a year, it wouldn't make sense to have a time gap this large. If Hasbro was looking to continue it under Boulder, they would have reached out to them months ago. So I guess it's up to us fans to give it the conclusion it deserves.
  13. I fully agree. And what hurts me about all this is that we know the staff is capable of doing fantastic things with both the world and characters. They're just never able to unleash its true potential. Not only was 2 minutes way too short to pull off any substance, resulting in most of the content feeling like a whole lot of nothing, but it's pretty clear Hasbro held this on a far tighter creative leash than FiM. We know for a fact the reason Spring Breakdown exists was to sell cruise toys (despite the fact I haven't seen cruise toys), and Forgotten Friendship to sell beach toys. So I can only assume a lot of the other ideas were demanded by Hasbro as well. Seriously, imagine a world where the series was actually 11 or 22 minutes, even if that meant fewer episodes a year. We could've gotten actual character arcs to not just give the Humane Seven some much needed depth, but possibly even develop more of an ongoing story involving their geode powers and the magic leaks. Maybe even letting Sunset's ties to Equestria get the focus it deserves. I honestly think it could've exceeded FiM in quality if they were only given the chance to, which they never were. And if anything, the proof of their potential in stuff like Forgotten Friendship and Dance Magic makes it hurt more because it just makes me think we could've gotten more stuff on that level. That, and they actually made me hold out hope that some day they will be able to make the series as fantastic as it could be. But alas, it was not meant to be. It's pretty tragic IMO.
  14. And I'm glad I and a few other fans are doing just that, writing our own ends to the story. In fact, I think everyone who has ideas like this should be encouraged to share them.
  15. Y'know, I am somewhat disappointed by this in a number of ways, most of it boiling down to it not getting a proper ending. I did kind of halfway expected this to be the case, but it's one of those instances where I just didn't want to be right. Ever since the digital series began, I've held out hope that one day the crew will be able to fully unleash its potential and prove how fantastic EqG can be when firing on all cylinders. That's probably what gets me the most; it never got the break it deserved. It basically went from one TV movie a year to mostly 2-minute shorts, which is nowhere near enough time to pull off any substance. That, along with the obvious corporate mandating (significantly tighter than FiM's) did nothing but harm IMO. But oddly, this is actually kind of empowering me in a way. Some of you may know that I've had my own ideas for an EqG finale for a while now, so much so that I'm writing it as a fanfic. And this news is motivating me more than ever to finish it. Because if the crew can't give EqG the ending it deserves, then I will. I know it doesn't quite leave the same impact since it doesn't reach quite as many eyes, nor will I be the only one to do this, but I don't care; as long as my ideas (which I partially got from @cmarston1, thanks very much for giving me the initial push) get out there, that's what matters to me. I really can't wait to share it to anyone who's interested.