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Which Dazzling would you date?  

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  1. 1. Which Dazzling would you date?

    • Adagio Dazzle
    • Sonata Dusk
    • Aria Blaze

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Adagio, but I can't really see her bothering to settle down into a normal life unless she has to and she'd probably consider dating a mere "mortal" to be beneath her, she seems the sort who'd rather have a Harem of men while she sits on her throne of power. I do not expect to see the Dazzlings settling down because they've lost their power and immortality, I expect to see them trying to re-obtain those things or find some kind of replacement. Adagio might appreciate someone who helps her on this quest, though...


If for whatever reason she decided she was going to date Humans, though, I'd give it a shot. I like Adagio for the following reasons.


- Gorgeous.

- Strong willed

- Powerful

- Cunning and Intelligent

- I love deep, sexy voices.

- She likes to be dominant.

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I;m not sure if Adagio or Sonata. The former is an intelligent and more levelheaded, but could be manipulative and dominant. Sonata on the other hand is a DERP  :muffins: who could be more friendly and affectionate 

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On 2022-03-16 at 3:34 AM, Photon Jet said:

None of them. Their goal was to brainwash people so they could adore them and you've guessed it, take over the world.

In other words... stereotypical celebrities? They can be rehabilitated. Just give them some singing lessons. They can learn how to be famous without relying on magic.

Kinda feel like this should have been a poll so I could see just how skewed this would be. Pretty sure Sonata Dusk has always been the favorite.

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