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  1. I'm not cool at all. Part of the reason I chose the name "Awkward Segway" was not just for the play on words and the idea for the avatar, but because I am very socially awkward (hence the "socially awkward penguin" meme background in my avatar), due to my social anxiety (not to mention my nerdy and geeky interests).
  2. These ones were the best:
  3. I'm a programmer analyst. I chose it not just because it pays well, but also because I love programming.
  4. I re-watched the Dark Knight trilogy recently - those films are so good! As much as I love the MCU movies, Nolan's Batman films will probably always be my favorite superhero movies.
  5. Not in real life, but the Spirit Science channel on youtube is pretty much that (with the channel's creator Jordan being the hippy).
  6. It's the only show that I watch, so yeah, it's my favorite.
  7. Hire people to make the best Sonic fan game ever.
  8. Pinkie, because she's freaking adorable!
  9. I'd freak out and question whether I was awake and sane - I'd probably think I was dreaming or hallucinating.
  10. I got a 2130 on the SAT (750 math, 690 reading, 690 writing) my first time taking it, and didn't do any preparation/practice for it. I got good grades (A's and B's) in high school (mainly in honors and AP classes) with little to no effort - the only classes I studied for were biology and AP US history (since they required memorizing a lot of details). In college, I majored in computer science, got minors in math, philosophy, and cognitive science, and graduated with a 3.2 GPA - I put more effort in than in high school, but still didn't try very hard. I work as a programmer analyst now, and was told in my performance review this summer (about a year and a half after I was hired) that my results are second to none. I'll let you draw your own conclusions from that as to whether or not I'm smart.
  11. Pinkie, but I'd rather stay human and date the human/Equestria Girls Pinkie.
  12. POWER!!! Unlimited POWER!!!
  13. It's Pikachu!!! And here's a cute pony Sunset picture: