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  1. I'm in my 20s. I'm clean shaven and have good hygiene. I'm athletic. I'm employed and have my own apartment. I'm not autistic. I'm not a pedophile. I'm not gay. I don't clop. I don't own a fedora. I don't own any MLP merchandise. I don't constantly talk about MLP (only my three closest friends know that I watch it). I have interests other than MLP.
  2. 1. Frenemies 2. Look Before You Sleep 3. The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone 4. Apple Family Reunion 5. Hard to Say Anything 6. A Hearth's Warming Tail 7. Rarity Takes Manehattan 8. The Mysterious Mare Do Well 9. The Parent Map
  3. I love the show, some fan works (videos and music mainly), like memes (MLP ones and memes in general), and watch some episode reactions.
  4. Last year (the injury was sometime in September), I was working at a store that sold furniture (among other things), and was carrying a table that had a thick marble top. It started slipping from my hands, so I tried to lower it to the ground gently so it wouldn't get damaged. When it was almost on the ground, it slipped out of my hands and crushed the big toe on my right foot (I would have moved my foot out of the way when putting it on the ground if it hadn't slipped; if I had let the table fall when it started slipping it would have fallen farther away from me). That was at around 8 AM. I worked until noon that day, limping the whole time (no one was around when it happened, and I didn't tell anyone). When I got home and took off my shoes, I noticed that there was a ton of blood around that toe on my sock (before then I had no idea how bad it was). I couldn't work the next day (it happened on a Thursday) because my toe was extremely swollen, but I was able to go back to work on Monday (my toe was still in some pain, but I was able to work). In addition to it bleeding and swelling, part of my toenail cracked. It stayed like that until a few months ago, when the cracked part of the nail fell off. When I noticed it starting to get loose, I was worried that the end of my toe would be exposed, with no nail over it. I was extremely relieved after it fell off and I saw that there was a whole nail underneath it (which is what caused it to get loose like that in the first place).
  5. Firefox because it's very customizable, it's available on linux, and the Chrome iOS app is glitchy (at least it was the last time I tried it).
  6. Sonic Colors sucks. Sonic Mania is overrated (great game, but nowhere near as good as 3&K; and the boss battles were nothing like the boss battle in the classic games - the Advance trilogy's boss battles felt more like the ones from the classic games than Mania's did). Shadow the Hedgehog was fun. The Sonic series needs to go back to having the worldbuilding, continuity between games, and character interactions that it had in the Adventure era (Adventure 1 through Chronicles). Oblivion > Skyrim (or at least: vanilla Oblivion > vanilla Skyrim) Civ 4 will always be the best Civilization game, unless they go back to the same exact mechanics from that game. The first chapter of Outlast 2 is better than any part of the first Outlast (including Whistleblower), even though the rest of the game is a huge disappointment in comparison to the first one. FNaF should have ended with FNaF 3 (and it was completely reasonable to believe purple guy = phone guy until Sister Location came out). Until Dawn isn't scary at all (but is still a great game). Minecraft is the scariest game ever. Old School RuneScape should only have gotten bug-fix type updates, and shouldn't have had anything new added to the game (especially the Grand Exchange) other than holiday events. Pandering to gen 1ers is the most annoying thing about recent Pokemon games (this is coming from someone whose first Pokemon game was Blue version). Since "Pokémon" is short for "Pocket Monsters," "Pocket Ponies" should have been called "Poképon" - not really a controversial or unpopular opinion, but a unique one (hopefully).
  7. "Fool of a Took!" Stupid 20 character minimum...