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  1. I would have gone on vacation to Italy with my family, and would have met up with my friends a few times.
  2. Spray it with Raid, then use toilet paper to pick it up, then flush it down the toilet.
  3. There's not enough appreciation for this adorable background pony.
  4. Same. Before I got a few of those, I just used a bandana. For you.
  5. I've been to Disney World five times, every other year between (I think) 1999 and 2007. I'd love to go back there again.
  6. You mean my favorite song from my favorite game? Or my favorite song from the game that I think has the best soundtrack? Or my favorite song from any game? I'll go with the first one. My favorite game is Sonic Adventure 2, and this is my favorite song from it: That game has a great soundtrack, but I slightly prefer Tony Hawk's Underground 2's soundtrack (though Spokesman from Pro Skater 4 is my favorite song from any of those games).
  7. I mean, human Fluttershy was pretty hot in that wetsuit. But I don't think pony Fluttershy (or any other pony) is hot - they're cute, but not hot.
  8. Kanto: Charmander Johto: Chikorita (but they're all cute) Hoenn: Mudkip (cutest starter, period) Sinnoh: Piplup (but Turtwig is pretty close) Unova: Oshawott Kalos: Fennekin Alola: Rowlet Galar: I don't think any of them are cute.
  9. Friday, in the morning, between 8:00 and 9:00 I think.
  10. As if there needed to be any more proof that astrology was nonsense. Anyway, mine was Gemini, now it's Taurus. I obviously don't believe in it.
  11. Salt & Vinegar - I love that flavor in general.
  12. I'm from Connecticut, and I've been to Australia and New Zealand - that's the farthest I've been.