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Katie Cadet

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Hello fellow bronies!

Do you remember back in the day you got a game for your PlayStation/Xbox/Wii, and then suddenly you decided to put it into your non-gaming Blu-ray player just to see what's on the disc in terms of data?

I somehow tried that on an LG BP200 with my Xbox and Xbox 360 games alongside my Sony Blu-ray players, because they have DVD-Video layers, whereas the PlayStation games are readable on Blu-ray players, but most of the data are in proprietary containers, but on the PlayStation 3, there are some PNG files readable by the Blu-ray player. Nintendo games are unreadable.

Feel free to share your sightings here!

I've also attached a video of some guy testing out the game discs here:


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9 hours ago, Patriotic Brony 42 said:

I learned that some music CDs have enhanced features that show text or simple animation on a CDi. I guess that never caught on. I should try some other disc games on a bluray player: Sega CD, Dreamcast, CDi, Turbo Grafx, 3DO, Jaguar CD.

there was a format (cd+g) that was designed to add a low-resolution graphics track to audio CDs - the most common use of this was of course Karaoke.

The Sega MegaCD could play CD+G, as could many DVD players....

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I recently found out that my Sony UBP-X800M2 cannot play PlayStation 3 game discs (they are unreadable), but the PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 discs are read fine, but there's no media to play even though the game data is in proprietary data containers.

Sony used to offer the PlayStation Now service on some of their Blu-ray players released during the mid-2010s, where you can use a first-generation DualShock 4 controller to stream PlayStation 3 games, without the console!

So that's what happened when I put this in my recent Sony 4k UHD player. Sony, the company who makes Blu-ray and the PlayStation, seems to unintentionally have a few tricks up their sleeves these days...

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