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I used a Ponysona creator to make my OCs!

Saturn Ring

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I found this Ponysona creator so I messed around with it! The credit goes to Rainbott,  as you can see by the watermark 



(you might wanna be careful though, there's some weird ads on there, and it's a little bit limited on things to put on your character and cutie marks you can use) 

Here's the images I got!

In order of Star Splash, Stellar Crescentmoon, Dizzy Melody and Pixel Bit 





Also @Shiny Silvermoon I tried to make Shiny, but there was no silver for mane colors... :( 

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I know! It's a real curse to have such a fabulous silver mane like mine! What a tragedy! ^_^

Anyway, I'm very touched that you tried to make a Shiny Silvermoon! I'd love to reward your efforts but I can't offer you anything but a smile! :mlp_yeehaa:

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