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Would Rainbow Dash do this?


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This involves something from MLP Attack on Titan Fanfiction that I'm writing.
In the story Apple Bloom has a necklace that will be given to her by a special friend. (She will get it in Season 2) The necklace is very dear, and special to her, and she doesn't let anyone touch it, not even Sweetie, Belle, Scootaloo or even her own family.
Well durning the episode Trade Ya (Yes I know she wasn't originally in the actual episode but this is a fanfic goddammit) The CMCs actually acompany the Mane Six to the trading place, and lots of poines ask to trade Apple Bloom's necklace, but she keeps saying no.
Well when Rainbow Dash is trying to get the Daring Do book one of the ponies she tries to trade with wants Apple Bloom's necklace. So Rainbow Dash goes, and asks Apple Bloom if she would be willing to trade the necklace so she could get her book, and of course Apple Bloom refuses, and reminds Rainbow Dash just how important the necklace is to her. Rainbow Dash feeling defeated is about to give up until she sees Apple Bloom go of with Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo somewhere else, and Apple Bloom accidently ends up leaving her necklace behind so Rainbow Dash swipes it, and trades it to the pony who wanted it. Apple Bloom comes back and naturally she freaks out, and has a full blown panic attack when she finds her necklace gone.
So would Rainbow Dash do something like that? And also yes Apple Bloom does get her necklace back by hunting down the pony Rainbow Dash traded it too, and proceeding to beat the everliving shit out of them.

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im not sure, probably not. shes supposed to be loyal so i don't think she would steal something that important to someone else. does she realize what she did was wrong in your story? because in the original episode, she realized friendship is more important than the book and trades it back for fluttershy. your fanfic does sound interesting though, even if ive never seen attack on titan.

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2 hours ago, TheUnknownPhantom5 said:

She did almost trade Fluttershy though.

Context matters. She didn’t realize she just traded Fluttershy until it was too late. Here she’s trading something she outright knows isn’t hers 

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