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  1. Quote: Destiny "Diamond Tiara: 11 Scootaloo: 11 Pipsqueak: 11 Sweetie Belle: 11 Silver Spoon: 10 Twist: 10 Apple Bloom: 10" They're NO older than 9. Pipsqueak also CAN'T be ANY older than 7 or 8. Because that just wouldn't make sense.
  2. I think it's not the time to think about that. They're still not old enough to start families IMO. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
  3. Why does he have girl eyes?
  4. You adults have took over the whole reality, why can't you leave the fantasy world!? And Faust has her opinion too and we don't have to agree with her in that. I don't disallow you to have opinions though.
  5. Zecora is a zebra pony. Also known as zony. Not just a zebra horse. (Now filling the needed space) Kirby is the best video game character ever created.
  6. Well, the Bomberman Lilith may have grown up into Borderlands Lilith. As I said before, the former is an adolescent and the latter is a young adult.
  7. I was wondering...Are Lilith from Bomberman 64: Second Attack and Lilith from Borderlands series the same character, with the Bomberman one being an adolescent and the Borderlands one being a young adult?
  8. Lamer

    Nova Whooves

    He's 25...and still looks about 10.
  9. Derpy - best VS Diamond Tiara - worst
  10. I don't know who will make it first, but it's not soon. They're still not old enough to start families, even though they live on their own.
  11. "Sumerechnaya Iskorka" and "Raduga Desh" are Karusel's translations. I'm Russian myself and I don't like Karusel much. Karusel is a Russian children channel.
  12. Which program did you use to make her?
  13. Well someone said that they're "as old as you want them to be". And CMC just can't be teens or even preteens because they don't even look like them. That's why I think Mane 6 are 13-17.
  14. No. Hell no. Although they look cute together, SHE IS 14 and HE IS 25. Soarin is almost twice older than Rainbow Dash. He should go with Spitfire.