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A Few Questions (Regarding A Possible Crossover Fic)


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It's been awhile since I've done one of these.  So there are multiple questions.   

I had this idea for awhile to do a crossover Fic between Sonic and MLP (which apparently alot of people do crossovers between the two, so it isn't all that unusual).  I more/less know what I want the story to be about, so the overall plot isn't a problem.  So this isn't so much a request for pointers, as it is a request for some clarification on a few things.


 - First, it takes 13 episodes for the ponies to start showing up (once they show up, you see alot of them, but it just takes awhile).  So that means that outside of light references and a character mentioning them, it's more/less a Sonic Fic for the first 12 episodes (to the point where the first 12 episodes are called a Countdown).  So my first question is where would I put this?  Do I put it in the Pony Fic section?  Or do I put it in non-Pony?  Or do I split it up and put the first 12 in non-Pony and the rest in Pony?

 - Second, I noticed that many of the Fics have their chapters/episodes in individual topics, instead of having one full Fic in a single topic.  Do I separate each episode into its own topic, or do I post all of the Fic in one topic?  I'd kind of prefer to try and keep it all in one topic, so that the episodes aren't all over the place.  This Fic has alot of episodes (22 episodes and counting as of this post).

 - Finally, is this site still alright with Fics being in script format?  The story is designed to basically be a fake TV series (a fake TV series with lots of descriptions, mind you, but a fake TV series nonetheless).  So I wrote it in that format to emulate this.  Just need to know if it's still alright to do that here.

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