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Anyone notice how poorly planned G5 is?


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Again I am sure production on Tell Your Tale and Make Your Mark started after the pandemic so can’t used that against them

For example you can tell since this past summer that all plans of them making Make Your Mark the endgame of G5 or a 3D MLP series was just completely canned and you can tell the G4 references and connections were shoehorn at the final possible moment 
rather than keeping with the format of the events of Friendship is Magic either being more than 1,000 years ago or making the events of FiM as just legends the ponies of G5 have told over the ages 

Now the fact that Tell Your Tale is spoiling plot points is the dagger 

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Having two series running alongside each other with a different format is weird to me. I much prefer the FiM / EqG way of doing things. Two different worlds but closer in art style and feel - the characters generally have their own independent stories. Make your Mark and Tell your Tale feel like two different shows but somehow with the same story.

I will, at some point, watch the rest of TyT... and it's all pony to me... but it isn't working for me right now.

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  • The title was changed to Anyone notice how poorly planned G5 is?

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