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What's the worst thing that's ever happened within walking distance of your home?


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Various car accidents. There was one where a car hit a concrete lamppost and bent it slightly. If the lamppost was not there, the car would have gone though our fence and probably hit one of our cars parked in the yard.

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Hm... I'm not sure exactly how close it is, but I'm pretty sure it was somewhere in the walking distance area that some number of years ago two homeschooled guys (or maybe just one of them, can't remember) murdered their entire family.

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I live in Anaheim, CA, so yeah…I couldn’t begin to describe all the bad things that happen nearby, whether I end up hearing about it or not. They may have done a decent job of cleaning up the area for the tourist trade a few years back, but they can’t reach every dark corner and unfortunately, we have a lot of dark corners.

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