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December 2023 Art Contest - Results!


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The results are in! December 2023's theme was Hearth's Warming and Winter Activities. The community voted for their favorite submissions, which you can see below!


1st Place - @Felis Amafeles




2nd Place - @Rethajni





Honorable Mentions









@Brony Number 42




Thank you everyone so much for all of your wonderful submissions, and thank you to all who participated in community voting!

We are in the process of granting badges to winners, so please stay tuned for that and keep an eye out for our next art contest coming in the near future.

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So many precious artists!!! :coco: Leaving their marks and memories here in MLPF

3 hours ago, Rethajni said:

Congratulations @Felis Amafeles ! Is good to be in 2nd place!

Hahaha you already will have first place rank by February if not sooner! You won the other competition! You’re decorating the lovely forums with your arts! You guys are amazing 

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1 minute ago, Shiny Silvermoon said:

I told you @Felis Amafeles that you'd win!!! My probabilities were right on both the November and the December contest! :yay:

Also, @Rethajni, you have the second place which makes me also very proud of you! You deserve it! :mlp_yeehaa:

Shiny is very powerful in the School of Divination Magic :o

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8 hours ago, ComanderZhabikKlavik said:

What do I need to improve in my artwork to increase my chances of winning the next contest?

In full disclosure, I didn't vote for any submissions and overall did not play any role in deciding the winners. I don't feel like it would be fair for me to do so, since it's my job to help operate the event and allow the community to decide.

As a result, I can't offer any advice here since I want it to be fully in the hands of the community to decide each art contest's winner. Furthermore, there are no grading criteria or any other attempts at objective measurement: it's all up to each community member's subjective viewpoint, who chooses to participate in the poll.

In general, I would say for everyone to just continue participating if you find enjoyment in the process of doing so. Likely, the more someone participates the higher their chance of winning at some point.

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