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Didn't this community have a minecraft server? What happened


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So i just now remembered this site exists (i'm barely active here lmao) and i remember seeing this community have it's own minecraft server and i remember i used to play on it and i had a different username a long, LONGGGG time ago


and now whenever i connect to it, the server appears to be gone so i was wondering what happened to it out of curiosity, idk if this is the right board to post this question here so please correct me if i'm wrong


Unrelated note: is it just me or can i not change my forum signature for some reason

UPDATE: Nevermind the signature works now

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22 hours ago, Nightlight1313 said:

I believe it's been closed for some time, sadly :(

You can check the PoniArcade forum archive: https://mlpforums.com/forum/201-poniarcade/


22 hours ago, Rafa Stary said:

In the Poniverse Status page, this and "equestria.tv" are marked as "Under Maintenance" for a long time

ah dang, well that's unfortunate.. at least poniarcade (the forum) is archived though! (and i do at least play on another mlp based mc server nowadays lmao)

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