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general What Happened to mirror version of Cadence


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Well in the FIM chapter book: "Twilight Sparkle and The Crystal Heart Spell" there is a whole Cadance backstory. The chapter books used to be treated as canon and Pinkie Pie's chapter book was also referenced in the show. However, there are some plot lines in the stories that either dont match up with certain things in the show so yea. Personally, it's the backstory that I choose to accept. 

Anyway, Cadance's backstory is she was found as a baby pegasus by earth ponies from a village and taken in as one of their own. The village cared for her, but there was in evil enchantress in the village who wore a powerful necklace (that corrupts and amplified her negative emotions), which she used to suck the love out of the ponies in the village (cuz she was lonely/neglected). Cadance defeated her and made her change her evil ways and then was made a princess (Magical Mystery Cure-esque). 

The mirror world is basically opposite world so I would say: Crystal Heart Spell: Cadance Backstory

Cadance was found as a baby pegasus by nefarious outlaws who raised her as one of their own. They stumbled upon a village of ponies and decided to oppress them. There was a sorceress in the group, who became enamored with the village ponies, that wanted to defect from the lifestyle and tried to use her powers, which were amplified by a powerful necklace to stop them. Candance tapped into the necklace's power and used it to defeat the powerful sorceress. Cadance absorbed the magic from the necklace, the sorceress, and from the village ponies. This surge of power was felt by Celestia and Luna. They soon met up with Candance and promised her power with them as her guide. She accepted and was made an alicorn. 

Neigh Anything: The princesses are shown to live in the castle of the two sisters and Canterlot is ruled by King Sombra. At once point, the alicorns decide to lay siege to canterlot. During the siege, Candance catches glimpse of a gorgeous stallion: Shining Armor. She declares that they are in love and they will be married. Shining Armor: "Uhhh sure ok, whatever." The siege is quelled and the princesses escape with a new member of their posse. 

The state of The Crystal Empire in the mirrored world is never mentioned. Therefore, I feel that the Crystal Empire never went away and is actually still there; however, I like to believe it is an imperialistic independent state ruled by Princess Amore, who has been at war with the rest of Equestria for a thousand years, but Sombra has been able to quelle her. He has been so successful at it due to help from the Umbrum (which in this universe are good) that are defending the northern Equestria/Crystal Empire border. 

After reflections, Cadance is preparing a journey to escape from the sphere of Canterlot after finding out the other alicorns have turned good. She suspects they would come after her next so with her submissive husband she makes her leave (Shining Armor carrying all of their supplies). She senses a powerful energy source nearby and decides that it's the princesses and declares this is her final stand and decides to attack first. She turns the corner and fires. The magic energy is deflected by a distraught Sombra who is still sulking and looks very weakened.  

Cadance: "I see the winds of change of have brought given us a mutual enemy." 

Sombra: "It seems that is the case." 

Cadance: "The princesses will be coming for me soon. Which means they will be coming after the both of us. We need to find some place where we could gain power and eventually find a way to defeat the princesses. 

Sombra: "What makes you think I'd want to work with you? Furthermore, I find it odd that you wish for my assistance." 

Candance: "You have no kingdom and no power. You don't have a choice. I'm all out of ideas and will take whatever help I can get. I am no match for the power of both Celestia and Luna. They raised me and taught me everything I know. I may be evil and confident, but I'm not stupid and arrogant. 

Shining Armor: "Hey sweetheart I think I se- (gets cut off)

Cadance: "Shining Sweetie, please the powerful ponies are talking. Just stand there and look charming. 

(blast of energy lands fires near them) Celestia: "Cadance, don't run away." Luna: "We just wanna talk." 

Cadance: (fires and array of magic lasers to disperse the princesses momentarily) "So any ideas?" 

Sombra: "Do you know of the Crystal Empire? 

Cadance: "Yes. Celestia, Luna, and I would take advantage of some of the Crystal Empire's successes to get a one up on you. It never really worked. 

Sombra: "Princess Amore is the ruler there. She bares no allegiance to anypony, and while I don't see it as a safe haven, the war will surely mask our magical presence from the princesses."

Cadance: "Hmmm, Princess Amore. Interesting. Get ready we shall teleport to the northern front now. 

Sombra: "Teleport from here? That's not possible! 

Cadance: "What little you know of me former rival. Shining to me! Give me strength. (Shining and Cadance bring their horns together and release a large energy burst and a few seconds later are teleported to the northern front. 

The story from here would follow Cadance, Sombra, and Shining Armor as they sneak past the Umbrum and other Equestrian forces, into the Crystal Empire and meet with Princess Amore who will recognize Cadance as a member of her bloodline after Cadance, Sombra, and Shining fight off a hoard of their forces(remember she was found in a forest, and always was thought to bear some relation to the "Crystal Princess." Princess Amore, Cadance, Shining Armor, and Sombra join forces in hopes to get past the northern Equestrian border, gain more magical power, gain more allies (possibly evil mane six, Cadance eavesdropped on Celestia one night talking to a secret pupil hiding out in Ponyville, and turns out that it's Shining Armor's sister, but Cadance doesn't ask about Shining's life too much) and eventually conquer Equestria....possibly. 

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