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  1. @Trix or Treat is robbing little cute TOTALLY INNOCENT fillies


    And what does little Cozy Glee get? After being robbed, a worth-it-all autograph. :mlp_wat:

    1. Bas











      Now also stealing my experience.

      Just to get this right, I get robbed of my bits, my soul drained, and I am them one supposed to be evil and not understanding friendship? :mlp_wat:


    2. Trix or Treat

      Trix or Treat

      you confuse bartering and theft my friend, from what you showed here at least, it sounds like Trixie is graciously waiting on you to gather the bits so you can buy something from her

    3. Bas


      Bits or Treat. >_>

      Yes, after Cozy Glee got robbed Trixie offered to forge items...while paying for that, too! :worry:


  2. I just want to say.. That is one beautiful banner. :D

  3. yup, it was done by hand, but you can always just copy-paste letters that are used already in the others, then just fill in the ones that aren't there, it'd be easier to match it that way
  4. alot of you seem to be asking, so here it goes, it was not a 3-parter, it had different titles, and was pretty much it's own thing i don't think the bell counts, it's an artifact that interacts with magic, but it doesn't give any lore on how magic works, and you can safely check final episode being a SoL i think,
  5. taste the rainbow, check tempest shadow, check castle of the two sisters, check zecora, check mistmane, check i think that is all you missed you can also check castle of the two sisters(the new sanctuary/tree is in it's yard) and student six graduate(i asume they did at least)
  6. that one's actually my favorite of theirs, and there is some serious competition
  7. i'm pretty sure they graduated since we've seen them move on in life, as for starlight/sunburst, we saw no romance between those two
  8. you can do it at any point, it doesn't have to be done as the episodes air, now that all is out would be a good time
  9. give it some time, not everyone has composed themselves enough to go check their bingo yet
  10. is pinkie pie swimming or flying?

    1. Trix or Treat

      Trix or Treat

      more like falling after a jump,
      don't question how she jumped that high, it's pinkie

  11. pretty well made, i really like how professional and show-like it looks, a bit too easy as they just start popping by themselves after a while, but i guess that's because it's the first levels only, really nice the music bit from art of the dress aswel, it's so nostalgic and the most Rarity song that ever was(the only one with a chance to compete is "Rules of Rarity")
  12. i watched it already, i'll be fine, i'll just watch it with the others and then go to sleep right?
    yeah right.. it is done and gone and no more is coming, ever, it feels.. it just feels, i don't even know what, so many things all at once and for some reason it started raining inside my glasses
    oh well.. i guess it's up to is to keep it alive now

    for it's age it's so surprisingly on point 

    1. Cash In

      Cash In

      It will never truly end. Not for us.

    2. DivineShadow1000


      @Trix or Treat Part of the journey is the end... But hey, don't be sad because it's over. Be glad that it happened!

  13. Once was a magician wandering where to next? she started wondering when she spotted a small town on the map sketched to head there she decided as she stretched before puting on the harness her home to tow to begin the journey of her traveling one-pony show in ponyville she'd make her first appearence hoping there will not be some interference her name she will make known both far and wide what could go wrong when magic's at her side? she'll make it to the top soon at this rate and they will call her Powerful and Great