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How did Sunset Shimmer cope with clothes?

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Given she used to walk around without clothes as a pony in Equestria, how do you all think Sunset coped when having to wear clothes 24/7 as a human? And how do you think she coped when losing them again when she visited Equestria?

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  • The title was changed to How did Sunset Shimmer cope with clothes?

Since the portal dresses the traveler, I think it creates an outfit that is what's most suited for you, both on personal style and comfort. The main purpose of this would be to help the traveler blend in, especially with the time difference. By chance, the clothes being comfortable and good looking to the wearer makes them less likely to remove them.

Also, while some humans can be quite hairy, few have a full body coat like ponies do, so Sunset probably understood the importance of coverage against the elements quickly early on. Plus, they do the same to a slight extent, with padded saddles, boots, scarves and so on, not to mention dresses for formal occasions.

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