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First off, hello and thank you for deciding to check out!


This section is's official forum. As's creator and lead developer, it's one of my top priorities to stay up to date with you, the users that will (hopefully) find to be a useful site, so you have my word that I'll be reading every single post in this section. I highly recommend that you follow this section as well - instant notifications are a good idea. Posted Image


I will be starting topics here to collect feedback on and discuss specific points of the site, but you are also welcome (and strongly encouraged!) to start topics of your own in here as well about potential features, problems, suggestions, or anything else about that comes to mind. I want to be the very best pony music hosting site on the planet, and the "little things" will add up towards that goal!


Feedback can also be submitted using the feedback form on itself. Doing so will create a topic in this section: Feedback Button.png


Please don't feel like there's a thought too small to warrant mine and the rest of the group's attention. The character minimum is disabled here as well, to make it as easy as possible to bounce comments and ideas around.



The lack of further instructions is deliberate. It is extremely important that be easy to use and figure out, and I've put a lot of work into making it accessible and friendly. If you have any trouble with the interface, I need to know.


I look forward to building the definitive pony music hosting site with you. Posted Image Feedback Button.png

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