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MLP predictions


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so we all know that twili is going to be an alicorn, but dont worry, i have mapped out how this sires goes!


the show will have 10 seasons, twilight will have her wings until season 7, then the entire 8th season will be a long battle between twilight and the forces of darkness, she loses her wings in the battle and in season 9 she is returned to normal.in other news in episode 12 of season 7, R34 is made canon when rairity enters a high class strip club, homosexuality is covered in season 5 episode 18 when pinkie pie struggles with her bi curiosity but in a shocking twist rainbow dash is homophobic, in season 9 episode 22 fluttershy is framed for murder, oh and who could forget in season 9 episode 3 the cutie mark crusaders get their cutie marks. and at the end of season 10 it ends strongly that answers all questions and leaves everyone satisfied...but then they reboot it a year later as gen 4.5 labeled "My little Pony: X"


what are your own predictions?



(do remember that this is purely satirical, you may be as wacky as you want :3)

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