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visual art So I did a drawing...


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Never even posted it. But, here. He's a pretty good artist, and I checked out his tumblr too. Kind of shame that he didn't continue.

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It's a helluva lot better than I could do. You should take your talent and run with it, and if that is indeed something you did in a hurry, I can only imagine what you could do if you set your mind to it and took your time with it. This is well done. Man, I wish I could draw half that good. 

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Drawing for only a few months? Dude! That's amazing! You got something going on here. I can see a LOT of potential in you, if you keep going I am completely sure that you can become one of the best artists out there. If this is what a "sloppy" drawing of yours looks like then I can't wait to see what some of your drawings look like when you put some serious work into it.


I like the style a lot! It's clear and clean without any unnecessary lines, I love the expression too!


So yea, keep going man, there's some quality in your work, you can turn that stuff into pure diamonds if you put more effort into it.

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