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  1. I used to live in a small city a couple of years back but now I live in a big city and thank god for that. It's actually two cities but they've grown so much into each other by now you might as well call it one city.
  2. Happy belated birthday! It was still March 17th in my local time >.>

  3. Ordered my new books for university and picked up my college card. Definitely excited to start my next year!
  4. My spelling and grammar is fine but I still make mistakes from time to time. I usually proofread everything I type but I still make some mistakes because English isn't my first language.
  5. My hair looks horrible when I get out of bed, I have to keep it neat with wax before I can set a foot outside.
  6. I don't use it at all, even putting it on the tiniest bit of 3d gives me an instant headache and it hurts my eyes. I'm near-sighted and night blind, so maybe that has something to do with that the 3D doesn't work on me.
  7. I use my PS Vita mostly for emulators (was lucky enough to get one with older firmware) and ps2/ps1 classics. The games on the system itself don't really interest me as JRPG games aren't my thing and the other Vita games that stand out I don't really care for. Rereleasing classics on the PS Vita was a great move by Sony as Nintendo still has no idea how to do it properly (perfect games for the 3DS like super metroid or castlevania only available for the Wii U). I hope that in the future Sony becomes a little more lenient with their grip on the OS and release the source code to let the few consumers that are keeping the handheld barely alive a go at making apps and games. It's a beautiful handheld with great hardware, but it's sad to see Sony kill its potential so stupidly and quickly. The Vita could've taken over the market.
  8. I go to the gym 3 times a week doing both cardio and strength training every time, besides that going to university and walking the dog gives plenty of daily exercise.
  9. I don't eat cereal but I do eat porridge. You have to heat the milk a little before adding the porridge so I guess I pour the milk first.
  10. I moved around a lot through different countries so I kinda only had half a childhood to work with but it goes something like this. - Gamer throughout elementary and halfway through middle school - Emo phase because my laziness caught up to me and "nobody understood me blahblahblah" - Junkie, just getting high every day and too stupid for anything so rather waste more time - Recovering, living healthy, working out, finally admitted into university -Full-time student and normal person although some more free time would be nice
  11. I wear an Invicta watch on my right hand whenever I walk around with long sleeves. It's a beautiful watch and very cheap when it comes to watches. When I start working in the future I want to get a Lange & Söhne watch because I think the designs are amazing and most brownish watches go with a lot of clothes, especially L&S because of their simple but clear and clean appearance. I really like watches because they have a kind of sophistic air around them and look beautiful, kinda like fountain pens. I guess I'm just a sucker for these kind of things.
  12. Hello fellow forum Cat :D

  13. You are a sad and pathetic being if you cheat or hack a game to have an advantage over other players. If you do it in a singleplayer game or in a match where everyone's fine with it/server which allows it, that's no problem. But if you cheat or hack in a normal match just to get a better score or have an unfair advantage, I'm just wondering why you're choosing to spend your time in such a retarded way. No wonder most hackers and cheaters in online games are usually little children or immature adults. I'm kind of 50/50 on hacking to end stupid business strategies because while it is a good strategy, it's also breaking the law. If you don't want a strategy to continue, don't play any games that utilize it. Because chances are you don't even like the game anyway.
  14. Here's a fun fact about space. Did you know that stars can have "earth"quakes as well? The strongest quake recorded was a neutron star that had a quake of 22 on the Richter Scale, which is about 3.2 trillion times stronger than the strongest recorded earthquake on earth! If this neutron star was within 10 light years of Earth, it would've killed almost all life on Earth.
  15. I shower and style my every day, which is impossible if my hair is pointing everywhere when I wake up. If I don't style it I just keep it neat, I feel embarrassed to walk around with messy hair.