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Drawing Tips From Color Scheme and Art Dream


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Art Dream

Hello everyone, I mean everypony. Need tips from me or Color Scheme, then you've come to the right place. We can help you with hand drawn and computer. Paints, pixels, pencils, pens, you name it. Just ask us both a question and you'll get a response from both of us. Were pros. *brushes shoulder* So ya. Also be sure to post your drawing here once your done. We'd love to see how you have done. We'll tell you if it needs something more before you publish to Deviantart or somewhere else. Well, bye.

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I already made a thread for this drawing, but I'd like a "Professionals" opinion on it. This is not only my first pony drawing, but my first drawing in about 5yrs. And before that it was just stick figures. So tell me what you think.



Color Scheme

Awesome job on shading man! You know, if you actually copy the ponies off of T.V. you can get the body structure. I don't always draw regular ponies. I do anthro a lot, but when I just started Mlp drawing, that plan worked. You don't have to draw the hair exact ya know. Btw, Art and I are real sisters so, we are going to have totally different thoughts. So that is a little of advice. Wait until my sis gives out some info. Hope the info from me helped.


Art Dream

Great start! Like my sister said draw the ponies bodies off of T.V., but not the mares if you just do stallions. The shading it excellent. A drawing guide online will help you. I was a natural, but I sometimes helped my sis when she drew them. Anyways, you should go to Dragoart and Equestria Daily. Great guides. They really didn't fit my sis. No wonder she does anthro and stuff. Well thats all the advice we can really give. Hope it helps Arcus.

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lol, you kids

I checked your profile and DA that you guys have up in your profile, and you quite literally have 2 pictures in your gallery that were probably done in MS Paint in under 6 minutes

if your gonna give off critiques and "Act like a pro" than you should of started your thread off with art done by you

this way your showing your potential viewers what your capable of, and what your area of art skill is in


by telling people to draw from screen caps, you can be potential doing more harm than good

people tend to use screen caps, yes!

but by just flat out telling them to do that "can be" a pretty bad idea in the long run

you need to learn to draw from ANATOMY and use sketch lines instead of GUESSING from a screen cap and drawing just the outline of the pony


the only thing you guys were able to say about this guys art at all, was that his shading was "Great"

if you guys want to actually be helpful, than be "Helpful"








those are some pretty good anatomy ref's

you won't learn anatomy "as well" if all your doing is looking at a screen cap


Now then onto this guy's actual piece here

for someone attempting a 3/4 view pose, this isn't to shabby actually

your overall pose is actually mainly right for the most part, but it needs a lot of tweaking still

but your basic shape is there

it looks like your drawing your pic by just drawing an outline and missing out on a skeleton

by utilizing an ACTUAL skeleton (sketch lines) your art will vastly improve


onto the not so great

your left front hoof is off and missing a joint or two in the way it bends

your tail looks like its coming from the "wrong place" it should be up a bit more on the body

and your wings are missing a whole another part of wings, lol

go look at a one of these guides I've posted and you'll see "what went wrong" lol


that's all i got

hopefully these 2 original posters of this thread will post some actual art of their own

until then, I don't think you'll be getting to much useful advice out of them anytime soon

good luck with your art and practice everyday!

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