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open Colonizing The Grand Labnon River


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Well hello everypony! Let's get this started. Here's the link to the OOC page http://mlpforums.com/topic/49060-colonizing-the-grand-labnon-river/#entry1162568




so I'll just do this thing myself until more join in! Join up!



RP start.

Ranger glanced around the bend and sighed, nowhere to sray. He had been traveling for months through barren hills and dark forests and his hooves were beginning to sting, blisters were appearing along the joints and the areas between them. He walked on for many miles more until he heard the sound of rushing water. He bolted forward and saw a beautiful river spanning as far as he could "see". He felt the earth around him and studied the living things to find the ground on which he walked. Ranger was blinded in the war and relied on biotic things to see where lines were, he had become so good at this, he could see things at the molecular level, and he could tell where lines on the earth were.

He deduced that there were few living animals stirring, he smashed his hoof on the ground in anger, but the things that appeared dead came to life and started to litter the ground. The area was beaming with life and Ranger knew it, he could feel it. He took a drink from the clear blue water and began to explore. After awhile, he came across ancient ruins, he "looked" around and saw 6 pillars jutting out of a central area, and 6 spheres resting on each, the moss an vibes had climbed the cracks and created a beautiful mosaic of plant life. Ranger closed the decrepit, rotting wooden doors, and took a long, well deserved nap.

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