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Grand Theft Auto VI Reveal Trailer


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I’m kinda shocked by just how fluid everything looks. It looks like the first proper “next gen” game for this generation imo. I’ll also be surprised if it doesn’t break every gaming related record, GTA V did the same and gaming as a hobby has only gotten more popular.

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Wait till CNN and Fox News start having meltdowns on how violent it is, like they usually do, hahaha!

Looks pretty awesome so far, I do like the male and female protagonist approach as it’s something that’s never been done before in GTA, and the graphics look just as cutting edge as ever, all of our imaginations of how the game will be shall be running wild as time goes on till 2025.

Although I’m pretty sure Rockstar will do the console first PC later in the next year approach like what they’ve done with GTA V when it first came out, as annoying as it is, it’s probably bound to be expected.

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Yeah I was like "yo it's finally coming out, an actual trailer for it too!". Like I didn't really expect Rockstar to ever release the game or even a trailer of it cause it's been that long and they kept delaying it. But hey the trailer was neat so if they make the game as good as the trailer, I might consider buying it one day but not for full price, cause I'm sure it will so much money for the standard game.

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