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The Lands of Season 10 Revealed!


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I've been curious about the new creatures and lands revealed in IDW's Season 10 comics so I went to the source: Jeremy Whitley, who wrote most of the key issues of that run. And Jeremy replied! This is probably as close to an official answer as we are likely to get! Here is his response (with minor corrections):


Apologies if I'm a bit hazy on this. It has been a few years. Farasi [was] definitely supposed to be further east than we ever went in the show, on past the dragons. Abyssinia was meant to be relatively close to Klugetown from the movie. The [Parrot Peaks] were meant to be on past [Griffonstone]. We left the diamond dogs home pretty vague but that was meant to be the closest, just hidden in the mountains. And the home of the Knights was off in that unexplored west, though on an island further south. It's impossible to find, so wouldn't be on the map anyway.

Hope those are satisfactory answers!


It's really nice to see the Undiscovered West utilized in Season 10. I've long wanted to see it explored. And it seems that the continent to the east of Equestria is much bigger than we knew! By the way, has it been commonly assumed that the Dragon Lands was an island, separated from the rest of the eastern continent? 

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