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Gender swapt


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okay so you are a pony in ponyville one day you wake up and you have the opposite gender


1. you can be an original pony or your own first one that calls it out gets it, i know some really like the mane 6 so i will use my own OC even though i wanted fluttershy as a colt.

2. you cant be an alicorn sorry.

3. can't do a mary-sue gary-sue

and that's it


Character sheet




new gender:


new name(not necessary):



Note: only the characters in the roleplay are switched genders the rest are still the same

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Name: Dusty Roads

Type: Earth Pony

New gender: Female

Cutie Mark: Snake wrapped around a bow staff


Dusty woke up, just like he did every morning. It was an unusual morning, as he was feeling much lighter today, not to mention his massive throbbing headache.. As he got up to start his morning routine, he noticed that his sense of balance had also gone out of whack. If he was a drinker, he would have just passed this off as a particularly nasty hangover. Seeing as he wasn't, though, he knew that something very wrong was happening. He walked over to his bathroom mirror.


And proceeded to pass out on the floor.

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Name:Solar Flare

type: pegasus

new gender:male

cutiemark: meteor surrounded by stars

I woke up to my usual routine when "ouch! was this" it was a small bookcase which i remembered studding yesterday, i went to brush my mane, when first i noticed it was way shorter and second was that it was not the only change i was a colt my first response was to scream, panic, and finally look for some help i was walking trying not to cause a lot of attention and suddenly "hey Flare" somepony called "wait come back" i shouted,it was rainbow dash "don't you notice anything different about me?"i asked a little worried "not that i am aware of" and with that she left i kept walking until something popped in my mind "maybe i should go to twilight she might know what to do!"

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Shy flower woke up on his bed, and slowly opened his eyes. He got out of the bed and walked into the shower. He turned on the hot water wand waiting for the shower to start. He slowly turned towards the mirror and his heart skipped a beat.


*Someone is in the shower with me!*

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Nidal got out of bed and headed into the bathroom. She headed into the bathroom to brush her teeth and saw her body.

"What the hell?"

She flipped her head around and looked at herself more closely. She was a he.

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(This is fucking hard to not make it sexual)


Shy flower walked over to his mirror. He stared at... herself.


*What the fuck...*


He touched his body parts.


*Is this really fucking happening...*

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Nidal did one last check to make sure she was right. She looked under herself.

"Yep. I'm a colt."

She left her apartment and walked to the one across hers. She knocked on the door, hard.


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